My Kid Blogger… For Real!

If the Magnate could be my future kid blogger, Patchy is my present kid blogger.

For the longest time, she has been asking bugging me to set up her blog. I’d just shrug it off. Yes, okay… I will… in summer.

The other day I was Google-talking with SexyMom. We were talking about our kids – her kids who were all (mostly) into blogging. She showed me 11-year-old Alan Jr.’s blog. And I thought, why not set up Patchy’s? It won’t take too long. And getting her into blogging this early will definitely benefit her. Her writing skills and grammar will be sharpened. Since she loves writing Dear Diary stuff, I’m sure she will love writing an online journal.

With much excitement, she and I worked last night setting up her Blogger blog, and searching for templates. Finally she found one that she was pleased with (though not too extremely). She also wrote a draft “About Me”.

This morning, VGood and I left for a classmate’s birthday party. I left Patchy to work on her introduction post. When I returned, I was surprised to see two posts on draft mode. She already was able to figure out how to insert pictures and hyperlinks. Kids really learn fast, and I won’t be surprised if she overtakes me in techie knowledge soon.

My daughter is now blogging at ~iPatch~. Please give her a warm welcome into the wonderful world of blog! 🙂

18 thoughts on “My Kid Blogger… For Real!

  1. wow, this will indeed be a great way for her to practice her writing and computer skills 🙂 btw, imom now you can read her journal too 🙂

  2. My daughter started blogging late last year but I set it on private. Lol. Maybe if we activate it again, our daughters can link up. Haha! 🙂

  3. Wow, galing naman. Pls tell her welcome to the blogging world. My daughter Nicole (10 yrs. old) is also setting up her blog and Gabbie (6 yrs. old) is bugging me to make one for her, nainggit sa ate. he he. Iba na talaga panahon ngayon…

  4. well, what can I say. Patchy is in the blogging world too! I agree with Noemi, blogging is a good instrument for the kids’ to improve their writing skills. better na yan, kaysa naman gaming or chatting. 😉

  5. Hi mommies and friends!
    thank you for the warm warm welcome over at iPatch’s blog. She’s really excited about it. Each time there’s a new comment, she’s excited to read! LOL

    @Cookie: We edit her posts together. hehe. pasimpleng pag-aaral, di lang nya nahalata.

    @Lynn: Yes, why don’t our girls link up? 🙂

  6. congratulations! i will visit Patchy’s blog as soon as i write this comment. start her young–now you are part of her journalling world–you can take a peek at what her interests at the moment are.

  7. Whaddaya know, our daughters are blogging! Patchy’s site is so pink, so refreshing. Trixie’s template is black, she says she is beginning to like goth. *groan, grumble*

    Hi Julie! Deny as she may that she doesn’t like pink anymore (big girl na daw), Patch went gaga over the template the moment she saw it LOL.. Re: trixie – Oh my goth! Hay, eto ba yung sinasabi nilang “let go and let them”?? Parang mahirap ata LOL

  8. Hi Chats,
    Yup I got the message, hmmm, di ko pala na confirm.. I’m sure you’ll get that beautiful postcard 🙂
    Yup, I’m super tanned,know what, most parents ask me ” hmm, do you still get sun burned or hmm do you still get browner than you are now? or hmmm.. were you browner before? if ever you get browner, does it stay? how long ? and so on ..i think i should post a note before the next summer break – watch out, toni will get tanner than ever and yes, brown, black, yellow people get burnt too like white people 🙂 harharhar 🙂

  9. Hi Chats. I enjoyed reading the posts of iPatch. I visited her again a while ago and I love her cute, girly theme. Fits her perfectly.

  10. Good job! I still have to teach my kids how to blog when we get together. Oh, well, at least they’re all learning how to be entrepreneurs without my (direct) supervision. Blogging might give them more ideas.

  11. aba, like mommy like baby. you twitted before that she changed her password. o, ok na? 🙂

    Hay, cess, she did not change her password pala. She changed her email address into a gmail one! Now I can’t delete her gmail account.. what makes it worse is we’re using the same PC.. So hassle mag log in/out everytime… Haaaayyy…

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