7 thoughts on “My Girls!

  1. Thanks! I’ve been gone for a while sa net.. we’re so toxic moving.. hehe.. i’m at the old house using the PC.. Haven’t got a dsl connection yet sa new house.. haayy..

  2. Hi Chateau,

    Your girls are really pretty…parang kaage yata ni Patchy si Chachie ko, is she 8 now?

    Thanks for sharing those great moments…

    Take care!

  3. oh Patchy’s 9 na pala. Chachie is 8 now and I’ve a baby boy who’s 5. But still, a baby boy for me 😀

    Lovely entries Chateau…

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Venusian! Our kids are almost of the same age.. Yes, my Vgood is still a baby at 5, although we have a new baby na. 🙂

  5. Thank you Rach! Yes, you must have at least 1 more child (must!??, hehe), let’s hope it’s a girl. I think a bigger family is better. I came from a big family of 6 girls, it was chaotic-happy! 🙂

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