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This is the Magnate, my one-year old son who loves to take over the keyboard. Often, he clamors to be picked up and seated on my lap so he can babble at whoever I’m chatting with. Or challenge the player who just gave me a good beating at online scrabble. Or mess up my blogging session. He just might have a future as kid blogger, eh? 😛


Yesterday morning, I brought him to the pediatrician for chickenpox vaccination. It was supposed to be a routine checkup. So I was surprised when the doctor said she hears a slight wheeze in Nate’s lungs. Wheeze my eyes!! He did not even have a cough! (though recently his nose gets a bit clogged at night.) Is this the beginnings of asthma? The doctor says there is a possibility. Coupling the wheeze with the patches of dermatitis on typical areas of his skin and the cold weather, the suspicion is raised. *sigh*

He is growing in height and length steadily, though only between the 10th-25th percentile which, according to the pediatrician, is a bit low. I forgot again to ask whether her reference table is the Philippine standard or the US one. I refuse to believe that I have a tiny kid.


Oh, but there are several good news! The most beautiful of them all is that Nate finally sleeps through the night (…well, mostly). Hooray for moi! This is the most wonderful gift that came a few weeks after he turned 1 year old in July. He sleeps at around 8 or 9 pm, cries for a bottle at around 12 midnight, and goes right back to sleep after feeding. He wakes up at 5 or 6 am for another bottle, plays a bit on the floor or on the bed, then demands to be taken downstairs when he gets bored. iMoM then goes back to sleep, hooray! Except for a few nights (such as last night, when the thunders kept waking him up), his sleep routine is like clockwork! Isn’t the human body amazing?

Another milestone that marked his first birthday is walking. I now have a toddler on the loose! This means the whole family has to be more vigilant with what we leave lying around the floor, the table (yes, he tiptoes to reach for something on a table!) and virtually elsewhere! This also means we have to keep up with his pace to make sure we’re there whenever he falls… in the literal sense. Yesterday, he bumped his mouth on the floor, causing the lower lip to bleed. Then within a few minutes, he was wailing again. This time he bumped his nose! Good thing he only got small cuts. Hay, eto na ang umpisa…

With eight sharp teeth, Nate is a voracious eater, that’s why I refuse to believe he is tiny. I feed him everything that the family eats (except for eggs, fish, chicken, and junk food hehe). And he takes them all. He eats about 2 bananas per day. Whenever he sees someone munching on something, he’d want to have a bite too. LOL. My two girls have never been voracious eaters at this age, so I am truly amused and thankful.

Nate is a charmer too. He can charm anyone with his sweet smile – he has this way of smiling with his eyes, you know? I imagine the riot it will cause among girls when he does that at age 14! LOL





18 thoughts on “My Future Kid Blogger

  1. What a cutie!! Don’t worry too much about the “percentile” stuff. I shelved that a long time ago after my kids started ballooning 🙂


    Regarding the early possiblity of asthma, Chats, ganyan din si Adi. The pedia detected a slight purring in her chest and she had some sort of a rash on her back. Sana di ganyan yung kay Nate.


  2. Hi Cookie! Who is Adi’s pediatrician? Pulmonologist ba? I really hope it does not develop into asthma. hay. My old pedia pulmo was suggesting a preventive therapy but i did not want to take the risk because it is new and fresh from research. Hmm.. i’m thinking of going back to her na.

  3. Chateau, Julian had white patches, like an-an on his cheeks when we was diagnosed with asthma. Our pedia pulmo is Dr. Cabanilla of PCMC.

    Nate is cute, so curious. Wait till he can run and you will be out of breathe running after him. Boys are more malikot than girls.

    Have a great weekend! Btw, where is your Photo Hunters entry? 🙂

  4. Hi Chats!! Our pedia is Dra. Avit Milan-Cruzat of Garcia Medical Center in Marikina. Our pulmonologist is Dra. Julie de Leon of Cardinal Santos. Si Dra. Cruzat is really the one managing Adi’s asthma and so far na-control na namin. Magaling siya, in case you’re interested 🙂

  5. Hi Chats! Nate is growing up fast and he is such a handsome lil’ one.

    Every milestone is worth celebrating. I’m glad that he already sleeps through the night. Something every mom longs for. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the possibility of asthma. I hope that it’s nothing.

    It’s great that Nate is walking already at age one. Yohan started walking much later than him. But I agree, extra care and supervision is needed during this time.

    Yes, he’s a real charmer.

  6. Haha! I love that picture where Nate seems so absorbed with the keyboard. A few more years, you’ll be surprised he’ll be able to change templates and manage his own blog. Kids easily absorb what they observe. Well, talking from experience, that’s what happened to daughter.

    Medyo wala ng ulan, enjoy the long weekend!

  7. Hi Chats, di naman tiny si Nate. Ok naman built nya for his age. And ang cute nya. Btw, why did you name him Magnate? Curious lang ako. What a charming boy!

  8. Hi Julie! i’ve heard of Dr Cabanilla, he’s good, no? Ngayon palang nga, parang I can’t keep up with Nate na. Ang liksi gumalaw.

    Hi again, cookie! Thanks for sharing your MDs’ names. Will let you know if I’ll need your referral.

    Wow, reading the comments, I realize asthma has now become so common. I think it’s the pollution. tsk tsk.

  9. Hi Rach! thanks, i hope it’s not asthma too… or am i still in denial stage? sigh. Nate grew big so fast, i feel the first year went by in a blur!

    Hi Noemi! Oh no no, ngayon palang I’m taken over by the two girls. I can see our future: 4 PCs (one for each of the kids, and me.. buti nalang hub isn’t into blogging).

    Mitch! Balae! LOL

    hi Lynn! My daughter also now has a blog. just did it last night. Does your daughter blog too?

    Hi xtn! pang heart-breaker ba, hehe. Sobrang galing nga magpa cute eh.

    Hi Rowena! Magnate is just his blog nickname. So are Chateau, Patchy and VGood.. hehe. 😛

  10. yup, he is a cutie alright. he has beautiful smile.

    i will not worry about his weight so long his appetite is good. but, imagine 2 bananas? talo pa ako because i can only one a day.

    Of course, there is a BIG difference between the bananas there and ours here.. especially since we prefer the lakatan variety, medyo mas maliliit… Yes, i’m not worried at all of his height and weight. 🙂

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