My First Vinyasa Yoga Class

This is a belated post on the vinyasa yoga class for bloggers held at the Vinyasa Yoga Center two weeks ago. It’s been on paper-draft, but my PC has been (still is) sick. Hay, buhay.


A few months after starting Project:FitMom, I began going to the gym. I often attended group classes such as cycling, aero-combat, Pilates. All are physically challenging. But there is one class I’ve always been interested in but found too intimidating – yoga.

So when I heard of the collaboration between Jane and The Blog & Soul Movement for a bloggers’ Vinyasa yoga class, i hesitated signing up for a while. But I’m glad I went anyway. Opportunities to meet up with blogger-friends such as Cookie, Dine and Jane are always welcome, of course.

The class was held at the Vinyasa Yoga Center in Ortigas, led by Teacher Pio Baquiran. As teacher Pio introduced the origins of yoga, I realized that yoga will definitely help in deepening my practice of Buddhism. (Many do not know that I am a semi-practicing newbie Buddhist. “Semi” because beef is the only meat I’ve managed to remove from my diet so far!)

We did several poses, which were supposedly the most basic of basics. But I felt how physically challenging yoga was as beads of sweat started forming all over my body. (Thought bubble while doing some pose that threatens to throw me off-balance: Ito na nga ba ang sinasabi ko eh! )

The best part was relaxation time. How often is one given no other task, and required to do nothing else, but to empty the mind and relax every muscle? Not very. So I plunged myself into it. It felt good to release all the stress and tension.

The class, the vegetarian dinner afterwards (cooked by teacher Pio himself!), and the interaction with yogis Jane, Chona and Teacher Pio were indeed very enlightening.

Was yoga intimidating? At first, yes. But as I began to realize that I can actually do the poses, I let myself go.

Will I ever attend a vinyasa yoga class again? If only to manage my daily stresses and make me a “cooler” mom, yes. Definitely!


Being the forgetful mom that I am, I forgot to bring my camera (which I did not forget to charge for the event, by the way! Give me some credit for that). Ergo, I have no photos of the event. Other blog entries have lots of photos though, so check them out:

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17 thoughts on “My First Vinyasa Yoga Class

  1. i took a peek in the other blogs and even watch a video with an interview, i like what the guy said – it was sweet and sweaty 🙂
    wow, you bloggers out there have a nice social life! picnics and meetings and yoga, inggit ako ah.

  2. Chats, it was meant for you to finally overcome that initial intimidation. Do try it some more and you just might fall in love with it like I did. 🙂

  3. it was sweatily fun, more fun with you and the barkada there. when’s our next session? am much better now, and i could join you cookie and jane!

  4. Blog and soul movement? That’s cute. 😀

    Beef eating Buddhist? that’s new. hehe. I think all you have to do to give up beef is to substitute it with something, whether its chicken or fish.

    Keep it up with the yoga.

    I changed my blog address, btw.

  5. galing chats.
    clicked on the link to juned’s pics saw you, cookie and dine.
    oo nga. galing that the philippine bloggers get motivation and perks like this.
    but siyempre the kudos goes to you guys for actually going and sweating it out.

  6. Isn’t yoga boring? I’m such a “restless” person so I don’t know if I’ll learn how to behave in a session. I’m afraid I’ll end up tittering. Hehe.

  7. I am sooooo back! Thank you for the comments, friends.

    @ abaniko: It was also one of my first impressions of yoga – boring, hehe. But I also want to be a more relaxed person, so I guess practicing yoga will help me.

    @Wil: On the contrary, I have not been eating beef for over 7 years. 🙂 Well, sometimes when I go to other people’s homes and they offer no other food but beef, I eat out of politeness. Just a little bit, hehe, kahiya to refuse eh.

  8. That’s so cool. When is the next session?

    You keep mentioning to me about your interest in buddhism. I didn’t know how serious you were ..until this post. You have given up beef …. hmm .. and i was about to let you taste my beef tapa and lengua. 🙂

    I am interested in zen tho i don’t even know its bascis. And i keep confusing it with taoism. Both just seem so serene a belief and practice.

    Yup there is something in you that’s … hmmm .. different. Is it because ….

  9. Hi AM 🙂
    Zen is a major school of Buddhism, but it’s not the one I practice. I’m not even sure what ours is called… Pure Land i think, from the Mahayana branch. i just learn from my FIL. I sometimes read up on my own too.
    Taoism is altogether different from Buddhism. In the Philippines, these 2 and Catholicism are mixed by the local Chinese and voila -a unique religious mix.
    Aside from beef, I’ve given up eating live seafood as well – yung fresh, alive and kicking fish, shrimps, crabs. 🙂 More than 5 years na.

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