My Dream Vacation

Do you have one? I have been conjuring up images of my dream vacation for years. Here’s a peek into how it will be like:

It’s going to be a cruise vacation on board one of those fabulous Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ships. Better yet, maybe we can get onto one of those “Love Boats” as popularized by the Princess Cruise Lines. Husband and I (yep, no kids allowed!) will go island-hopping all over the Carribean – basking under the sun on those beautiful white-sand beaches, experiencing exotic tastes and sounds, hunting for fabulous finds at local markets. In between island-hopping, we will share romantic sunsets and spectacular sunrises on the ship’s deck. (Years ago, I discovered that no other sunrise view beats that on a ship’s deck! It is simply marvelous.) This vacation has “mushy” written all over!

Or: the whole family can spend Christmas (okay, okay, kids allowed this time) on a two-week cruise in the Mediterranean region aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. It would be great to expose the kids to the rich history and culture of the Mediterranean – visiting ancient ruins at Pompeii and historical landmarks at Alexandria. It would be an adventure the family will never forget.

Vacation cruises like these will surely cost a lot. But I’m sure there’s a cruise package that will fit into my budget. Besides, I’ve still much time – 20 years to be exact – to prepare 😛 . Really, the way hub is slaving away at work today, I think we will need an extravagant cruise vacation when the time comes to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Anyway, weren’t we taught to dream big dreams? So let me.

7 thoughts on “My Dream Vacation

  1. hmmm a friend of mine just suggested us to take a cruise this summer.. haven’t checked it yet kung affordable nga. the problem is they charge more for the european bookings..

  2. hi Chats! sarap naman ng mga dream vacations na yan, most especially with the royal cruise without the kiddos. heehee.

    ako din, dreaming something like that too. oh well, wala naman masama mangarap. yan na nga lang ang libre diba?

  3. Hi toni! Wow, do go on a cruise, I bet it’s gonna be fantasitc. try to check the links up^ there baka they have good deals.

    Hi Feng! Corek, dreaming na nga is the one thing that’s for free. Shall we deprive ourselves of it? haha

    Annamanila, hello there! Oh yes, even the Asian cruise sounds great. thanks, thanks. 🙂

  4. hello…came across your blog.wonderful.we used to be churchmates in Baguio..Guiding Light Christian Ministries…God bless!

  5. Mahilig ka pala sa cruises, ha? They say cruises are very relaxing. Also, if you want to get “reunited” with someone, a cruise vacation is recommended.

  6. Hi Kae! thanks for the visit. If you could tell me your name, I’d probably remember you. Were we together sa Youth? 🙂

    Hi Abaniko! I’d agree they’re relaxing, as one doesn’t have much choice but do so. Get reunited, as in… rekindle? Ay, baka nga sa ka tratrabaho ni hub ngayon, we will need that, haha.

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