Mr. Choi Kitchen | new family favorite

For four weeks now, we’ve been going to Mr. Choi Kitchen for our Chinese food fix.

No, he’s not a family friend. Nor is he our family cook (though I wish!!). I don’t even know who Mr. Choi is, or if he is a real person. But this I know – Mr. Choi Kitchen at Robinsons Galleria is our current favorite restaurant!

Mr. Choi Kitchen cheesy baked rice

Patchy and VGood delighting over the huge bowl of Cheesy Baked Rice

My girls are crazy over Baked Fish Fillet Rice with Cheesy Sauce (which I attempted to copy last week) and Soy Chicken. They could finish one huge bowl of cheesy baked rice by themselves! My favorites are Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs, Hot Prawn Salad and Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic. Hub, on the other hand, loves all of the above… plus Mapo Tofu, Shrimp Wanton Noodle Soup, and half of the menu… hehe

What kept me going back is the fact that their food has no MSG. I’m very sensitive to MSG – just a bit of it will cause a migraine attack. And, in the same manner as Bill Bixby said his line, I say: You won’t like me when I have migraine. 😛 So far, I haven’t experienced an attack right after eating there. So I suppose their claim is true. Nate, who has eczema, is also allergic to MSG.

Except for once when the waiter forgot to relay one of our orders to the kitchen (and this happened at the branch in Robinsons Pioneer), our over-all experience at Mr. Choi is good. The ambience and minimalistic interiors aren’t shabby. Service is quite speedy, the place is clean and the staff accommodating. During lunchtime on weekends, the place could fill up pretty fast. So get there before the lunch crowd comes in. Prices are reasonable too – our average bill is never above Php1,200 ( about USD27) for a happily satisfied family of four!

I don’t know how long this affair will last. Too often, restaurants start good, then the quality and service start to wane. Or the menu becomes boring. Naturally, that’s when the affair dies. I hope this one does not die too fast.

Mr. Choi Kitchen steamed fish fillets, deep fried squid

Steamed Lapu-Lapu Fillets with Garlic. Fried Squid with Spicy Vinegar Dip (I’m not so crazy about it)

Mr. Choi Kitchen hot prawn salad, soy chicken, salt pepper spareribs

Hot Shrimp Salad. Soy Chicken with Ginger Oil Dip. Salt and Pepper Spareribs (so tender, done just right!)

25 thoughts on “Mr. Choi Kitchen | new family favorite

  1. Hi Chats. I’m using Firefox and I’m glad I can finally see your page. I wonder why I’m having a hard time loading your page on IE.

    Thanks for sharing about this restaurant. We’re always looking for new restaurants we can visit. The food looks really good. I will take note of these dishes so I can order them when I have a chance to go there.

    I wonder why the difficulty loading… Could it be the new twitter widget? but you have twitter too, di ba? there’s also a branch at MOA (i think?)… Not sure ha. let me verify that info.. haha

  2. truth is, when i was first asked to join mr choi, i almost did’nt go, the married person that i was. who would think that mr choi is not a person, but a place to fulfill one’s appetite for heaven-ly food. LOL

    I got the inspiration for the title from your anecdote.. hehe. Kainis nga, hindi pa rin napag bibigyan yung TOSH ko.

  3. Same with Rach, I’m having a hard time loading your page. I switched pc’s na lang and now it’s fine.

    We can never seem to get a table there when we go. Sabagay, we are usually there on Saturdays at exactly lunchtime. From your pics and your reviews, the place looks good. We shall try to earlier next time 🙂

    Hi cookie jar! Are you using IE or Firefox? Switch na to firefox… hehe
    Yes, try going about 30 minutes earlier. My daughter VGood is so at-home na. Last Saturday, dirediretso sya sa usual table namin LOL

  4. Ooh everything looks so good! I envy your family’s affair, hehe.

    Alam mo ba dito Chats, curry and chicken pieces on BBQ sticks are served in Chinese restaurants. Halo-halo ang Asian cuisine ng mga restos dito e, hehe. Although sushi bars serve Japanese food lang – but they’re the exception 😛

    Hi Christianne! I was also surprised to find a baked rice dish in a chi resto… Parang: huh? but it’s good. My kids talaga finished that huge bowl by themselves!

  5. Wow! Andaming food! Good that they don’t have msg, I am not fond of using that when I cook. Let me rephrase that, we don’t use msg in this household.
    Your daughter looks very delighted,

    Julie! We did not order or consume all that food in one tripping, LOL. Those are photos of our fave dishes from different visits. But why not, maybe on our next visit, we will order all our faves.. haha
    Good that you don’t use MSG. My parents stopped using it in homecooking since 1996 because of my sister’s heart condition.

  6. Haha! I have a draft about Mr. Choi’s kitchen too. Anyway, the food’s good pala no. ‘Twas my first time there last week. By the way, I don’t have twitter on text. I’ve a friend who activated his but according to him it gets tiring if he looks at his cell phone with sooooo many updates from Twitter-mates. 🙂

    Hi Lynn! Yehey, another lover of Mr. Choi (hmm, that sounded scandalous haha)…

  7. Wow! Cheesy rice looks yummy! We’ve gotta try Mr. CHoi too.. may branch ba sila sa SM north or TriNoMa? We love “Flavours of China”.. I’m sure magugustuhan rin nila to.. =B

    Hi Lizzz (am so ever careful I get the right number of Z’s when typing your name 😀 )! I don’t think meron sila branch sa SMNE or Trinoma.. We haven’t eaten at Flavors of China. MSG-free din ba dun?

  8. hello, just bloghoppin’ from lizzie’s

    hmmm…mukhang masarap ah..mas dadami ang customers nila dahil sa post mo

    thank you for sharing it.

    we might try it on the next gimik…sana nga meron jan sa trinoma

  9. shocks, super maglaway daw ba ako sa pictures and description mo.. yummy!!! wish i could be there right now and eat with you..
    chats,di ko rin makita yung blog mo from explorer. now i’m using firefox

  10. Hi Chats, at last naka open nako uli sa site mo. Been blog hopping also, me problem din ako when it comes to yours. Re Mr. Choi, my sis brought me to the Robinson’s Pioneer branch, grabe I can’t stop raving about the fish fillet and yung appetizer nilang fish na parang chicharon. Hay sarap talagang kumain.

    i haven’t tried that fish chicharon. will try it nga next time. Sarap talaga dun no? Hope we bump into each other there!

  11. @ Toni, Rowena and KongKong:
    I wonder why. Before naman walang problems loading, no? Firefox nalang gamitin nyo. Ayan, nilagay ko na sa sidebar. Thanks for visiting despite the difficulty. Am touched… 😀 hehe

  12. Oh, now I’m hungry! 😛 Of course, the best thing going on out here in California is Mom’s homemade peach cobbler…with fresh peaches from the tree in the backyard. May not be from Mr. Choi, but it should be!

    Off to Victoria, Canada for a dragon boat race…maybe I can track down a restaurant that can compete with your find… 🙂

    hey, Tifo. Good luck with the dragon boat race… Hmm, fresh peaches are a rare and expensive commodity here. Must be a yummy summer treat by auntiE.

  13. Hi Chats, I’m back. I just downloaded the firefox browser, ok na. Bilis na ma-view your site. Am so happy. Gutom na naman ako when I see this post. Hay…Btw, hope to see you on the 23rd.

    Hi Rowena! Firefox is better, I tell you. hehe, after you get used to it, di ka na babalik sa IE. Pramis!

  14. Hey, Chats!

    I’ve had to do extra exercise because Mom has made me the guinea pig for her peach cobbler output…she had never made one until just a week ago, but, judging from the rave reviews from my co-workers (including veteran peach cobbler afficionados), she must be doing something right. With all of the sugar and butter (yes, real butter), it’s definitely a diet buster…but worth it!

    The peach tree was very productive this year…there was so much fruit that we couldn’t pick it all, so some of it just fell off the tree to become treats for the local birds. I’m sure we could have sent you a few of these “valuable commodities” had a certain sister of yours been able to schedule a flight out here…perhaps next year you will reap the benefits of our eclectic orchard (I believe apple pie season is coming up)… 🙂

    I don’t eat many peaches, but that yummy peach smell could have converted me!

  15. Hi Chats. Wala na naman classes kids tom. (Takes a glimpse at the PC clock) I mean no classes today. Oh well. I wonder if they require make up classes for nursery.

    Anyway, on Firefox, I realized the white part on the middle of my template does not show. Hmmm… I better find a template that works well on both browsers.

    I’m still getting used to Firefox but being the “old dog” that I am, I still go back to IE after veiwing your site. haha!

  16. mukhang ang sarap nga. mapo tofu is my daughter’s favorite. that soy chicken looks delicious. i love ginger dip. did you say, you tried making the cheesy baked rice at home? how was it?

    Hi belle! It was the chicken and rice casserole i did a few weeks back… Substituted the fish with chicken fillets. Okay naman, of course my critics were my kids and husband, so… subjective?? LOL

  17. Thanks Chats, since nag Firefox nako, lahat ng sites ang bilis ma-access. My hubby is now using the pc often, ako sa gabi na lang pag tulog na sya. he he. He asked me pa who suggested it, siempre I told him si Chats. Thanks again. Galing talaga!

    I’m glad mas okay na ngayon web browsing nyo. Sabi na nga eh, Firefox iz da bezt haha

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