Mozart Baby

My baby Magnate loves to listen to music, even while he was still in my tummy. The first time I put the headphones on my bulge, he stopped moving around. Maybe he was straining to listen closely to the muffled music. But I noticed that when Eva Cassidy’s version of “Fields of Gold” came, he kicked so hard! Maybe he liked the soothing voice of Eva. Or baka mahilig sa chicks! LOL!
His current favorite music is this Romantic Mozart CD that I bought many years ago on sale at a music store. After his morning bath and feed, I would play the Mozart CD on “repeat all” mode. Magnate will then sleep peacefully in his crib, sometimes as long as 4 hours straight.
What I have read is that the Mozart Effect is controversial, and may actually be untrue. But with regard to classical music making a baby calmer and more relaxed, I can say it is true for Magnate. He is a very calm baby, crying only when he is really hungry or in pain or in need of stimulation. I am thankful that, so far, I have not been kept up all night dancing and singing to a crying baby. Actually, I have been kept up all night by a baby who wouldn’t go to sleep because he simply wasn’t sleepy! (He slept all day! “Good morning, mama!”) 🙂

9 thoughts on “Mozart Baby

  1. Oh wow, Nate’s a real music lover and he has good taste ha 😀 I love Fields of Gold and Eva Cassidy’s version is especially haunting.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Christianne!
    Nate and I love Eva Cassidy! 🙂 Too bad she did not live long enough to see her own success. Even if I’ve heard Fields of Gold maybe a hundred times already, I still get goose bumps!

  3. Hi flor! Thanks for visiting.
    I hope he’d have talent for music… My SIL did, but was discouraged because her hands were too small, limiting her ability to play more challenging pieces. Medyo malaki naman hands ni Nate..:)

  4. Well, well, wonders never cease, I love Eva Cassidy’s Fields of Gold too!! And I find Mozart very soothing. His pieces are very difficult and I could never get around to playing them properly. *Boink, remembers ruler hand slaps from piano teacher* 😀

  5. HI may! So pareho tayo nina xtianne, we like Eva! You play the piano pala? I’d like my kids to learn it. It’s my frustration. I never got past beginner level, hehe..

  6. How cute! My son also loves listening and swaying to a variety of music. He likes to sing too although most of the time he tends to make his own lyrics. 😀


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