SUPER BELATED UPDATE [27 September 2010]: Oh, so during our family gathering in Baguio that Christmas in 2008, we did mix our own Margarita! I followed the proportions below and my sisters thought it was too strong (although it was perfectly fine for me, I tellz ya.) So we ended up using more lime juice than stated in the recipe below. πŸ™‚

Last Friday, Christmas party season officially started for me.

It was a get-together with gym buddies/school mom-friends/birthday bash in one. I rarely drink when I am out with friends. That’s because I drive myself, and I prefer to get home in one piece, thank you.

But last Friday, I wanted to “unwind”. So I asked my husband if he wanted to drive me. “You can play billiards while waiting for me,” I segued. Lucky me, he agreed! So I happily helped myself to two glasses of margarita.

Bellissimo Ristorante (of Cesar Montano) at the Morato Area is my friends’ favorite hangout. I love that the margarita there is not expensive – just Php70 per serving. I could have had more, but hub picked me up early.

It seems like margarita is going to be my favorite drink this holidays. Here’s a really simple recipe I found online:

Ingredients: (to serve 4)

4 shots Cointreau

8 shots tequila

4 shots lime juice

salt and lime juice to serve

sliced fresh lime and whole cherries


Shake all ingredients well with ice.

Dip the cocktail glasses into the lime juice and salt so that the rim of the glasses are covered.

Strain the cocktail into the glasses and serve garnished with a slice of lime and a whole cherry.

What’s your favorite cocktail drink?

This holiday season, watch what you eat so you wouldn’t need anyΒ diet pills.

4 thoughts on “Mmmmmmargarita!

  1. Sis, shall we have margaritas for christmas then? I will buy cointreau and tequila…. plus the cherries! Pls get the glasses!

  2. Hi Ateng! I’d be glad to get the glasses! πŸ™‚

    Uhm… Are you ready to face El Tequila again?? haha

    Cheers, sis! See you soon.

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