Missing My Baguio

I’ve been bloghopping over to Baguio Insider and surfing several other Baguio websites.

I yearn for my dear City.

I yearn to go see the annual Panagbenga Flower Festival.

I yearn to join my sisters as they prepare for the opening of our first business venture.

I yearn for Benguet coffee sipped with kamote bread at Cafe by the Ruins, or the lovely hot chocolate and mountain view at the Forest House terrace.

Heck, I yearn for Yellow Cab (or Don Henrico’s) pizza eaten al fresco on the verandah of SM!

I yearn to go watch the kids horseback-riding in John Hay or chasing butterflies in Burnham Park.

I yearn for pine trees with the bluest-blue Baguio sky as backdrop.

The fact that I’m sweating as I write this doesn’t help.Two weeks ago, Manila, along with the rest of the country, experienced some cool weather brought about by cold winds blowing from the North Pole. The cold spell was forecasted to last two weeks. Could you imagine my joy?

But short-lived was my joy. True enough, Manila heat has become sweltering two weeks later. According to Weather.com, it’s 31 degrees Celsius this afternoon, but feels like 36! Oh yes, summer is officially here. The heat is expected to intensify even more due to the El Nino Phenomenon.

Up in my highland home, it is probably more than 10 degrees cooler. During summer, it does get hot, but still way cooler than in the lowlands.

Thank goodness, school will be out early for my kids this year. That means our annual Baguio summer vacation is barely four weeks away. Can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “Missing My Baguio

  1. I’ve never been to Baguio. It would be nice to take a side trip to Baguio on the way to our province. I bet my husband would love this awesome place.

  2. Hi Belle, yes do take a sidetrip to Baguio. Well, it’s not as great as it was, but it is still a city so different from the rest of the country. so i hope you and your hubby go for a few days.

  3. Shocks I miss Baguio too. But what I really miss more is the Baguio I used to know. You know those days where you used to walk along Session Road and you have the feeling you know everybody out there walking?? Or that 6:00pm siren where you just have to stop wherever you are, even in the middle of the street (that was hilarious!). I miss eating those grilled corn with lots of star margarine (boiled first… i think this is only done in Baguio) or buying those Indian Mangoes and Guavas soaked in ilocos vinegar from the nice friendly vendors along Session Road. Ach! Those were the days……

  4. ah, taga Baguio ka rin pala! I was just there last Dec for a very short vacation, and it wasn’t enough to quench my home sickness. I wish I could stay a while until I have seen all the things I’ve been missing, and I want to stay until I can say I’m tired of this, I want to go now……but, that probably will never happen.

    Hey, it’s time for pinagbegga already. I so wish I was there 🙁

    vlado, those really were the days I remember too. But now, you can walk down Session Road and not meet one soul you know. Not like before, but it’s still the Baguio we love. Oh, no more 6 p.m. sirens either. Miss that too even though I’m not overly religious. It’s just the ritual I miss.

    You guys just made me miss Baguio again too. *sniff* Makapag post nga ng picture….. 🙂

  5. Toni, that kind of corn we used to buy from the stall across your house/resto, tabi ng albert’s! hahaha..Oo nga, today you walk up and down Session Road 10x and you will probably not see one familiar face (except the old beggar-man at the foot of the Cathedral stairs, he’s still there i think!)
    Jmom! Another Baguio girl on Pinoy Moms Network? Madami pala tayo dun 🙂 Yes, we will never have enough of Baguio. The 12noon and 6pm sirens still go off as they used to, but people don’t seem to stop anymore. I know because wehn I was there in December (too!), i happened to be at Cafe by the Ruins at around 12noon. LApit lang yun sa City Hall so rining na rinig.
    Haay, ka homesick nga.

  6. @belle – baguio is in the north, your catanduanes is in the south (but maybe, you have another province going north?)

    oh chateau, your baguio reminds me of my youth, my dad (bless his soul). when we were small, we always looked forward to a 2-week baguio summer holiday. i still keep the memories in my heart.

  7. Sexy Mom, I’m sure your summer vacations were fun. My kids always look forward to this every year. 🙂

  8. It’s been ages since I’ve been back in Baguio. I enjoyed my last trip there will a couple of good friends. I was the only girl in the group and I felt really pampered. I miss those days.

    I haven’t been to baguio with my husband and son (not as a family). Maybe summer will be the perfect time.

    Good luck with the business venture. Have a wonderful summer vacation in Baguio. Take care!

  9. Hi Rach! Baguio would be a nice place for relaxing with your family. But I suggest you go there when it’s not very crowded – March would be great, just before the April summer crowd comes. If Yohan gets off school early in March, you could plan it then. 🙂 We will go up 3rd week of March- the first leg of Baguio-ing hehe

  10. I miss Baguio too. I miss the lazy afternoon walks on Session Road and Burnham Park. I miss hanging out at Freedom Park in my beloved UP.

    I love Benguet coffee too, pero the last time I gulped one mug, tumaas ang BP ko! hahaha! Tumatanda na talaga!

  11. Hi Rhodora! The parks and outdoors are 2 of the main reasons why I love Bagiuo.
    I grew up in a family of coffee drinkers- our backyard being the source of our barako beans. My dad used to make our coffee – as in from raw beans to ground coffee. Sometimes when I come home from school, I could already smell the aroma of roasting coffee from afar. Kaya bata pa ako, I appreciated good coffee, hehe.

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