Milk for healthier, taller kids

One morning a few months ago, I woke up to find this –

It was an easy mystery to solve because the suspect left his footprints all over the crime scene!

It was the first time that Nate did this – sneaking to mix his own milk by himself. Hilarious!

Nate is now over 4 years old, but I am glad that he still takes his milk. Though he eats regular food (except allergenic ones) that the rest of the family does, I don’t think Nate is ready to give up milk just yet. I’m not in a hurry, though I’d love it even more if he’d give up the bottle and start drinking from the glass.

When I was a kid, I wasn’t really a milk-drinker. Husband also regrets not drinking  milk regularly as a child, and blames that for his not-so-tall stature.

Having realized our mistakes, and for fear that our kids won’t grow very tall (uhh, genes from hub’s side of the family… ssshhhh), we strongly encourage our children to drink two glasses of milk every day.

Patch, who is now 13, doesn’t need much convincing. She is sooooo into volleyball, actually dreams of playing in college, so she wants to grow taller some more. At 13, she is 5 feet tall – not so bad, I think. But she hopes (and well, we – hub and I – hope) she will grow a few inches more. She never misses her two glasses of milk, no matter how late at night it already is.

V, on the other hand, loves milk – she drinks it, eats it even. At least twice a day, sometimes up to three times!

Ideally, V and Nate should be getting about 800 milligrams of calcium, and Patch 1300 milligrams everyday. I think their daily milk intake, along with the meat and dairy they get from meals and snacks, adequately takes care of that.

I know some kids and adult friends who never liked the taste of milk. So I’m thankful my kids enjoy it. Let’s just say I’m one of those who believe in the benefits of drinking milk. New studies have shown that calcium, along with Vitamin D, may prevent colon and other cancers. That’s another good reason to drink milk, on top of stronger bones and teeth, and (hopefully) taller stature.

How about your kids? Do they still drink milk?

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