Meeting BB Gandanghari – Thoughts on Acceptance and Respect

The bloggers’ meet-and-greet with BB Gandanghari was set at Mag:net Cafe, Bonifacio High Street.

Because we heard traffic was so bad that day, Julie and I decided to take public transport – MRT from North Avenue to Buendia, and cab to Boni High. Travel time was just a little over an hour. Had we taken the car and EDSA, it would have been double the time.

So, we arrived early at the event, which was organized by the Philippine Online Chronicles (POC), and were greeted with this BBeautiful tarp standee – 

Julie and I shared a table with bloggers Noemi and Dine (who were the afternoon’s hosts), Cookie, Salen, and Sasha of Style Manila. BB arrived past 4pm, and she readily took the hot seat on stage. 

She candidly answered all questions thrown her way. Be it about her diet or her mother, she answered them in all honesty. It struck me that BB is so articulate.


With the event's hosts Dine a.k.a. SexyMom and Noemi a.k.a. momblogger, and Teacher Julie (Photo credit: Noemi, thanks!)

More photos at the POC Gallery.


In response to Julie’s WQ at Greenbucks:

What are your thoughts about what BB said that Rustom is dead?

I came to this event with an open mind. Even before BB Gandanghari came out, I have always had the view of being accepting and tolerant of gay people. They are a reality – they exist and it is no use denying that fact or shielding my children from it. As a parent, it is my responsibility to raise morally-aware children, but also to prevent them from having bigoted views. Teaching them to accept and respect people for whoever, whatever they are is my responsibility.

My daughter studies in an evangelical Christian school, and part of the teaching, of course, is that there are only two sexes: male and female. Anything in between is a sin. One of the more difficult questions I have ever gotten from my daughter is this: If God created just man and woman, why are there gays?

I am not sure if I answered her question with satisfaction. So, P, here’s the rest of my thoughts.

I had to admit I did not know the answer to her question. What I know is that gays are also humans created by God. We cannot judge them as bad or evil, because only God can do that (according to Christian teachings, that is).

It is important that we respect and treat people the same way all across –  or at least do our best to. Let’s leave the judging of who is evil or not, hell- or heaven-bound to the Higher Being. I also like what BB said during the blogger-meet. She said that being gay is not a license to being promiscuous. This view balances things out.

The lesson I came away with from the event: let him who has not sinned cast the first stone. We all have our own skeletons in the closet. For all we know, the most upright-looking man may turn up the most bones.
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3 thoughts on “Meeting BB Gandanghari – Thoughts on Acceptance and Respect

  1. True, being open-minded and not judgmental does not just contain itself to issues like this but to other bigger and more important issues. We can not judge other people because of their preferences and their choices and I think it is best that we just let them be, as long as they are happy, so we should be too, for them.
    Thanks iMom 🙂
    The new WQ by the way is on its way to your inbox.

  2. Agree with juls. I fell into that trap and I admit it.
    Happiness is defined by what people feel about themselves and not what other people think. It was indeed an eye opener for me. Thanks for sharing this.

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