Meet Parker, our Golden Retriever

It’s summer break for my kids.

And so after weeks of scouting/scouring the pet hubs around Metro Manila, of debating and discussing, and of going back and forth shops, we finally decided. We’re right on target, actually, because hub wanted the kids to be occupied all summer. Training a new puppy will surely keep our hands full!

Meet Parker, our nearly-3-month-old Golden Retriever –

He was named after Nate’s favorite superhero. Nate was actually lobbying for “Ben 10” but it was immediately opposed by the majority. He was starting to suggest “Spiderman”, so I was quick to suggest “Parker.” Everyone liked it, so Parker he is!

I read that Golden Retrievers are playful, affectionate and intelligent dogs, ideal for families with kids. But they need gentle yet firm humans to train them. Goldies make good guard dogs, as they can signal the approach of strangers by barking. Hub wanted a guard dog, so that’s a check too.

That the kids were excited on the way home from Tiendesitas is an understatement.

I just hope the excitement doesn’t wear off too soon. It’s been discussed that chores will be shared – everyone will help cleaning after, training, playing (not a problem!) with Parker.

I’m now reading up on training and house-breaking while he and the kids are out for a walk.

It’s going to be a busy summer. And it seems to be off to a good start! ๐Ÿ™‚

First task: housebreaking Parker. I don’t expect him to readย exit signs, but at least I hope we’d be able to train him well enough so he knows he should poop or pee outside.

3 thoughts on “Meet Parker, our Golden Retriever

  1. uy katuwa naman – the kids all looked so happy in the pictures and i bet they are! it’s so good to grow up with animals – so this is really a good idea.. and i love the name definitely much better than Spiderman!

    I’m sure we will be hearing more of Parker in the next entries (“,)

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