Meet my web nanay!

I haz a web nanay!

…And she is pretty strict. Whenever I attempt to play when I’m supposed to be working, she tells me:

Chrome nanay
Chrome nanay

Friends, meet Chrome Nanny, my web nanay.

This isn’t my first encounter with her. I first installed this Google Chrome extension to block and Chat Roulette in my other computer which the kids use.

Chrome Nanny was actually intended to help internet users limit the time they spend surfing sites that waste time or distract from work. It’s a helpful application for those who work from home, such as web content providers and those with home based businesses. For those who work from home, proper time management is essential. But sometimes, sheer self-control or self-discipline is not enough.

I work online, making it more difficult because I have all the valid excuses to be online almost all the time. But I finally owned up and admitted that yes, some websites are getting in the way of my productivity.

So yesterday was my first day with Chrome Nanay Nanny, and, well, wha’dya know?! I was able to finish several tasks, including a  longish, nose-bleedish health article. Thanks, ‘Nay!

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