Me-time Moment: Chocolates and ‘puter

After a long, hard day what do you do to relax, whether you’re a full-time mom like me, or one who keeps a dayjob alongside mommying?

Ako,  – at malamang kayo din – I lie down on the sofa or bed (whichever I’m able to hit first), put the netbook on tummy, and check out friends’ updates on Facebook and Plurk. That’s on most days. On other days, it’s coffee and some sweet treat, or TV and legs up on the wall. On really special days (as in walang tests ang kids the next day), it’s all of the above. hehe

Because it’s been particularly stressful in the  past two weeks (got sick, was busy with kids’ school projects and a gazillion thingies), I tried this  yesterday – de-stressing with a rich dark chocolate bar, of course while FB-ing… with my feet up on a chair.

That’s a bar of Dove dark chocolate. Can you see how smooth it looks like? It really is smooth. In fact it’s the signature of Dove Chocolates – the silky smooth feel in the mouth.

I don’t know when it started, but I can’t seem to tolerate too much sweetness anymore – I’d easily get a sore throat. But Dove chocolates are surprisingly not too sweet. In fact, uhmm, I finished that whole bar up there in the pic. teeeheee. Didn’t get a sore throat.

How do you spend your me-time moments?


Dove Chocolates, manufactured by Mars Foods, are now available in all leading supermarkets and retail for P45 per bar. Variants are: Milk Chocolate (also not too sweet, just right; and yes, I did not get a sore throat too); Dark Chocolate (not too bitter); Milk Chocolate with Almond, Hazelnut and Raisin;and Chocolate with Crispy Rice.

The price isn’t so bad… So guess what Patch gave away to most of her classmates for Christmas? 😀


These chocolates are so silky-smooth, they won’t give you a sore throat. But go easy on sweets and holiday food. It’s hard to lose the pounds we pile on. Sometimes we find ourselves turning to short-cuts called weight loss pills.To learn more about weight loss supplements, do your online research. Find out their side effects. As always, diet and exercise together are your best bets for healthy weight loss.

2 thoughts on “Me-time Moment: Chocolates and ‘puter

  1. Hi Toni! Buti na lang I always check the Spam folder before I junk its contents. Your comment ended up there! Weirdness of Akismet! Anyway, I love your me-time list. I have never played Sims… I don’t think I’d want to try, haha. Oh, a good book – it’s been a while since I last did that. Happy me-timing as you go into WAHMhood. 🙂

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