Math and Reading Workbooks from K5 Learning

Hello, moms and dads! I know most kids are off school now,  and happily enjoying their summer breaks. My kids still have classes till April, ugh. I am counting down to the end of this school year!

Math and Reading Workbooks from k5 Learning web bookstore

Anyway, the good folks at sent me an offer for free Math and Reading workbooks.  I got a Grade 4 Multiplication workbook for my son, which will be perfect to prepare him for next year. (Suffice it to say that my son is not very talented in the numbers department… Parang mana sa akin haha 😀 )

What I like with the Math and Reading workbooks of K5 Learning is that they are printable.

I, despite being a digitally savvy mom, still believe in good old pen-and-paper learning. Nothing can replace actually writing with a pen on a piece of paper – the brain stimulation that the act brings cannot be replaced by e-learning.

Back in college, I learned that learning is faster and retained better when one studies with the involvement of all senses. So that means, reading (eyes) aloud (ears), and writing down notes (eyes, kinesthesia [sense of movement]). Unfortunately, e-learning seems to have taken over and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

(That is my beef with use of iPads and e-learning in school. But that is for another blog post.)

Ok, back to the workbooks. 🙂 The Math Mammoth Multiplication 2 workbook is 85 pages of multiplication exercises for Grade 4 students.

Math and Reading Workbooks Math Mammoth Multiplication 2

There are exercises on basic multiplication, multi-digits, estimating, order of operations, and word problems. Answers to problems are provided at the end of the workbook. This helpful workbook is downloadable in PDF form at for only USD5.10 or about PHP240.00  – a very reasonable price.

I’m hoping to use this workbook this summer break so that Nate won’t be all play and fun. Hopefully, he gets a kickstart for Grade 4 Math.

K5 Learning also offers Reading workbooks for Kinder through Grade 7 students. There’s a Math bundle and a Reading bundle for Grades 1-3 and 4-7. I plan to check out the Reading bundle next.

Go see the bookstore for yourself  – The workbooks are great home study materials for summer.

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