Managed hosting service: sit back and relax!

As I blogged a while back, having your very own online presence isn’t as nose-bleedish as it used to be. Today, anyone can own a domain for as low as one dollar a year. There are a lot of free content management systems too, like WordPress, which are very easy to use.

Really, it doesn’t require much tech geekiness. When I first started this blog, my techie skills were zilch. But with a bit of reading and a LOT of trial/error, I was able to manage and sustain this site. is going on its 4th year na!


For the intimidated, though, there are managed hosting services – companies provide everything, do everything techie on the back-end (and front-end too if you wish). It’s like having your own IT department! All you have to do is sit back, put on your writing hat perhaps, and focus on building your site’s content. Though managed hosting is recommended for bigger websites with heavier requirements, anyone can subscribe to these services.

Learn about how to set up a personal website here.

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