Mama’s Garden

My Mama is a green thumb. She has this magic touch which brings life back to a dying plant. I remember a time when Mama stayed over for a few days in the apartment where we used to live. I think I had just given birth to VGood then. I bought some chrysanthemums and placed them in a vase. When the flowers withered, I was going to throw them away, but Mama got one stem and planted it in a pot. A few weeks later, I was surprised to discover that the withering stem of mums was budding! It was growing new leaves and young buds!

These are photos of Mama’s plants and flowers in her beautiful Baguio garden. She and dad take care of these plants and many more. They have: anthuriums in red, tangerine, white and purple; orchids of different species; huge and flourishing sunflowers; a tall shrub of wild roses; poinsettias; bonsais; cactuses; gladiolas and lilies; and many others whose names I don’t even know.

5 thoughts on “Mama’s Garden

  1. Very beautiful. I can imagine how pleasing your mom’s garden is to the eyes. It must be a great spot to relax in the house.


  2. Hi Rach! I most especially like it there in the mornings- everything is fresh and wet with dew, and the colors are so vibrant! Hay, now i miss the weather. Thanks for visiting!

  3. hey chateau,

    Happy New Year! Hope you had a fabulous Holiday Season! (and in Baguio too huh? Twas super cold here all thru December)

    My mom has a green thumb too. She can just throw seeds around her garden and they grow. I on the other hand kill the plants I touch (or don’t touch)

    I guess the green thumb isn’t hereditary huh?


  4. Hi alternati! Glad you made it back! hehe.. will check out your blog soon, i’m sure you’ve got fab pix of sagada. *green with envy*

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