Magnate’s Latest

I brought Nate to the doctor for typhoid vaccination last Saturday. As expected, he has grown heavier and taller. The latest stats:

Weight: 16 kg

Height: 89 cm

Good news: His height is within normal limits. (Whew, I feared he may be a shortie!)

Bad news: His weight is for a 3-year old. (Not so bad, actually, because he is turning 3 in 6 months!)

Nate also has severe skin allergies all over! Some spots on the elbows and knees are lichenified – dry, scaly and thickened. He is off chicken, seafood, chocolates and eggs for two months. Boohoo! 🙁 Dosage of his anti-allergy med (Cetirizine) has been increased, and he is now on an anti-asthma (Montelukast). Hay… The cold weather has not helped him at all.

On the brighter side, Nate remains to be extremely charming, having mastered this heart-breaker smile –

Nate is now starting to be talkative too, though still bulol a lot! My favorites are:

“Whe’ you gwing?”

“Apri-ka!” (His answer when asked the question above.)

“Kyuzam!” (When he burps or farts, usually with an “Ooops!”)

“Mashu mashu!” (while flexing his biceps ala-strongman)

“Sha-pu!” (while doing a flying side-kick! Yeah, he loves to watch Kungfu Panda, Avatar – the Legend of Ang, and the countless wuxia dvds we have on stock at home.)


It’s fun and tiring at the same time raising a boy. It’s a whole different deal than raising girls.  

Oh yeah, did you notice his shirt in the pic above, lower left? Ang ku-leeet! (LOLZ) It was given by sis # 3 last Christmas. The placard sums up how mischievous Nate is.

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7 thoughts on “Magnate’s Latest

  1. he’s such a cutie pie!! =) raising boys is fun and hard at the same time. our home is always littered with toys and anything they can get their hands on.

    that’s why this time we’re praying for a little princess. hehe but if it’s another boy, we’re still happy. 😀

  2. Ang cute-cute ni Nate! I wish Addie has a baby bro too. But it’s late na eh. Haha.

    I love the shirt and I love Nate’s smile especially the one on the left, 1st row. Pang leading man sa Korea novela ang bata. 😀

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