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How time really really flies when you’re having fun, no?

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Nate snacking on a pizza crust edge

In less than two weeks, the Magnate turns 10 months!

Last week we paid the pediatrician a visit. Well, some good news and a little bit of bad. The good news is: he is now totally cured of amebiasis. Around the time of the Holy Week (Easter holidays), Nate came down with a bad case of diarrhea – amebiasis as the fecalysis showed. ๐Ÿ™ He was on metronidazole for 10 days. To say that the medicine tasted bad is an understatement. Plus he was pooping about 7 to 8 times a day! So my poor little Nate endured so much. Though he lost a bit of weight, he is now slowly gaining it all back. Whew!

The bad news? The new pediatrician (we switched to a new one; the former was too expensive, besides her clinic was a bit too far from home) says Nate is not gaining weight well enough and his height is a bit on the small side…

HUH? Of course I was surprised to hear all these. All along, I thought Nate was on the big side. Aren’t his fists and feet big-boyish? The pediatrican says, taking previous weigh-ins and the recent illness into account, Nate has not been gaining enough weight since his 6th month.

The new doctor showed me a table of height and weight percentiles. Nate’s fell around the 25th percentile… Hmmm, these tables look familiar from the old days of pedia trips with Patchy and VGood. But Nate’s old doc never did the percentile plotting. So I’m thankful I shifted to the new doctor.

Here are the Magnate’s latest stats:

Age: 9.5 months

Weight: 8.45 kg

Height: 71 cm

Solid food: Still limited to potatoes, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash; got permission from the new doc to start giving pork and rice with clear broth. (Nate is allergic to cow’s protein, so we need to watch what we feed him.)

Teething: 2 lower front incisors have erupted

Speed Radar Reading: 1 meter/second on his walker (fast rider, eh?)

Visual Stimulants: Elmo’s World, Bear in the Big Blue House, Jojo Circus, Stanley, Backyardigans (preferably on the wee morning hours – 3 or 4am)

Language Development: babble, babble, babble; I sometimes hear (or is it audio-illusion?) hints that he is finally learning to call out “mama”.

Others: fell off the bed 3 times ๐Ÿ™

These are his updates for now. Meanwhile, Nate and I have got a lot of growing up to do! Time for Operation:Fatten-up (borrowing the term from Christianne). ๐Ÿ˜‰

27 thoughts on “Magnate Updates

  1. First of all, ang laki na ni Nate! At ang pogi ha, gigil na gigil siguro ang mga ate niya sa kanya.

    Methinks your new doc just wants chubby patients, 8.45 kg sounds good considering he just got sick. If I remember correctly anything between the 5th-95th percentiles is normal ๐Ÿ˜€ but yeah a couple extra pounds couldn’t hurt since babies lose so much weight when they get sick.

  2. hi Chats! good thing you shifted to the new pediatrician, seems you can get more substantive consultations with the new doc vs. the old one. i hope lang that the new doc used the Filipino Growth Chart and not the chart by CDC of the US. ๐Ÿ™‚

    re: Nate’s weight gain, it must be the amebiasis that caused him to loose some weight. don’t you worry, babies recover faster so Nate will be gaining weight in weeks lang. there are cases also where when babies are introduced to solids, they somehow loose some weight as solids replace so amount of milk. you can try giving him lugaw with bits of pork or chicken (i hope though he’s not allergic to it). preparation time could be quite long, but it’s worth it, very versatile naman ang lugaw so you can actually add other sources of protein to it like hard boiled egg (the yellow part lang muna). champorado, sweet pototoes and buttered veggies worked well too. actually it worked for Nico. Nico was even behind Nate’s weight when he was about 10 months, 7.5kg lang ata sya.

    good luck in your fatten-up project. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Omg, monitoring a baby’s progress to the gm and ml! That seems so long ago for me. But from the pictures, the Magnate seems a-ok healthy, fit and happy, not to mention pogi. I dunno if the new doctor did right when she expressed dissatisfaction about your babe’s rate of weight gain or recovery. I remember my pediatrician told me my first baby might be clubfooted … then tongue tied. Can you imagine how paranoid those unfounded fears gave the young panicky mom that was me? On the other hand, it might be good to be given early alarm signals that will make us take corrective action. Ah ewan … methinks if i were a doctor, i would weigh my words more carefully.

    Btw all of my babies fell off the bed at least two times. This doesn’t include the times the yaya was scared to tell me about.

  4. Naku I’m sure he’d be able to gain some more pounds soon, hopefully the doctor is just too critical. Well I really don’t have any experience with babies so I don’t have any tips. You’ll be the one to help me later with your advices (well once i get to have babies ..yikes getting older and older!!)

  5. My, Nate has grown! So cute and adorable. Pogi ng anak mo, Chats! I am still on my ongoing mission to fatten up my boy, too. Ayaw kumain! Hey Feng, I could use some of those lugaw tips.

  6. Nate seems to be a happy bouncy baby! Nate and all other young kids with blogging moms are lucky, their progress milestones, smiles, etc. are documented in blogs.

  7. Hi Christianne! Thank you po *ahem* may pinagmanahan lang si Nate, hehe. Methinks so too that he weighs just right. Ewan ko ba, maybe nga the MD is just one of those who want babies to be big. hay, the hunt is on for the ideal pedia…

  8. Hi Feng!
    Yun na nga, she used the CDC graph. Although she said naman that Filipinos are ideally between the 50th and 75th percentile.
    Thanks for the food tips. I’m doing elimination diet muna for now- one type of food at a time- to make sure hindi sya allergic… Can egg yolks cause allergy?

  9. Hi annamanila! I agree with you that the way she expressed her dissatisfaction with nate’s growth quite alarmed me in such a way that i’ve been so kampante. It never occurred to me that he might be underweight. Haller!
    Yes, falling off the bed are so part of growing up. The first time my first child fell, I really cried. After a while, i got the hang of it LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Hi May!
    Si Vgood din ang hirap pakainin, kaya this summer sya talaga ang project ko to fatten up.
    Gwapong gwapo si Isaac while shopping in the grocery huh!

  11. Hi Sexy Mom!
    Yup, documenting my children’s growth is one of the purposes of my blog. Para naman pagtanda ko at lumisan na ako, meron silang babalik-balikang mga alaala. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Magnate is so cute! It’s so nice to see him happily munching on that pizza crust edge.

    I’m so glad that he is now totally cured of amebiasis. It must have been an ordeal for lil’ Magnate and your family.

    Sounds like you made a great decision changing your pediatrician.

    Happy weekend to you and your family. Take care!

  13. Hi Rach!
    The amebiasis ordeal was terrible. I’ve learned my lesson- it pays to be OC with everything and everyone which/who comes on contact with the magnate. Happy weekend to you too ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. hello Chateu,

    Nate is so cute!

    i remember when S was about Nate’s size, she was sick a lot, thus, she lost a lot of weight. i am sure Nate will catch up now that he is over the amebiasis.

  15. re: eggyolks — as far i know hindi naman. in fact, nutritionists recommend yolk first sa babies 9-12mos, the white maybe consumed by babies 13mos and up

  16. Hi Belle! Thanks po, I soo adore him too hehe. I felt last night while diaper changing that he is fast recovering the weightloss. Bumigat na yata.

    Hi Feng, thanks for the info. Maybe next week i will feed him a little bit of hard boiled egg yolk.
    This morning I gave him mashed macaroni and carrots… oh he loved it, and the mess he made! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. awww, he’s soo handosme.

    i think he looks fine. think of all the crawling and moving around he’s doing. meatabolism. plus like feng pointed out, he was sick too so that’s one factor…

    “Nate is allergic to cowรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs protein”

    my daughter is allergic to carrots. of all things.

  18. hey i just saw your fitness log. count me in for your motivational support. i have my own fitness log. i need to update it though…

  19. My eldest daughter had amoebiasis too before she turned one. My husband occasionally suffer too.We were and still are really extra careful with the viggies, especially the leafy ones. Imagine washing and rewashing each and every stalk of pechay, making sure she and hubby are not able to eat these when eating out and making sure we always have our own supply of water, even when dining out.

    Just take every precaution and everything will be back to normal, ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. hi dexie! thanks for stopping by. I did not know one could be allergic to carrots too! it’s difficult to have allergenic kids, isn’t it?
    I saw your fitness log some time ago.. Mine hasn’t been updated, need to work on it soon!

  21. Hi Julie! Yes, a little bit more of OC-ness will be good for the lil tummies ๐Ÿ˜€ All his toys now get a daily bath too, we always wash his hands , and i warned everyone to wash wash wash hands each time they touch nate!

  22. Grabe talaga bilis ng panahon no? My son just turned 11 months. Parang kelan lang super babies sila. And it’s hard talaga pag may sakit baby no? We really have to make sure na everything our babies touch and whatever they put in their our mouths are clean talaga. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. HI Ann! Our babies are almost the same age pala. Grabe talaga, the first year seemed to just breeze through. *sigh*

  24. Nate looks soooo cute! I could just bite those arms of his!!

    Amazing speed on his walker! Could you be raising the nest Schumacher? hehehe

    I am also drawn to Backyardigans. I watch the show with my niece and nephew when it’s on. hehe, Uniqua is soo endearing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad to hear Nate is all well. I hope Operatiion Fatten Up is a success.

  25. Hi Alternati! Aherm aherm, cute din kasi si mommy haha… and bitable arms din ako haha!
    My kids and I love Tasha and Uniqua!

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