MagNate Update

The MagNate, who turns two in July, has been growing in leaps and bounds these past months. As of our last visit with the pediatrician, he weighed 14 kilos ( 30.8 pounds). His appetite is unbelievable. Whenever I offer him food – any food – he takes it without even checking what it is, hehe.

He now sleeps through the night, but his morning waking time is like clockwork – so ungodly at 4 AM! At around this time, he rouses and goes to turn on the TV to watch Playhouse Disney. Then he wakes me up for milk formula. Approximately 1 hour later, he will poop. By this time, he would have made enough noises to wake up the whole family (we all sleep in one room).

By request of my sister PetCat, here are some of Nate’s latest photos.

He’s got a complete set of milk teeth already (I think), and he loves to bare ’em. Sometimes, though, he’d suddenly want to take a bite off my huge pata (legs)!

When he’s not trying to take over the PC, he’s charming his way to our hearts by doing pa-cute poses!

I just love it when he smiles with his eyes, like in the photos above. 🙂

6 thoughts on “MagNate Update

  1. Ang galing mag-pose sa camera. He’s so beautiful, Chat, so cuddly and looks mabait. Ay, si Apo Andeng … hindi rin maawat sa keyboard. May pinagmanahan sila?

  2. @ Kongkong: Yes, the ultimate pilyo, haha

    @Annamanila: Thank you! May pinagmanahan talaga, haha.

    @ Salen: Oh yes, he is a naughty little boy. hahaha. Tireless pa!

  3. OMG! tita! MagNate is soooooo cute!! Uh I’M so glad you posted updates uh mom would be soo happy. She been like “aww really really I miss Nate”

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