Recently, Life gave me a sneak preview into how motherhood will be like in 2 (hopefully not that soon!) or 3 years when my eldest enters early teenhood.

My five-year old got lovesick!

It all began when my sister’s kids arrived to stay at home for a while. Immediately, VGood took a liking for15-year old Kuya M. She always wanted to be near him – she’d stay within eyeshot of Kuya when playing; during meals she preferred to sit beside him. She was always asking him questions, or just lingering around him.

But things started to go wrong when VGood decided to confide in her “trusted” peers – 3 (at least; there could be more) talkative female cousins (2 are Kuya M’s sisters aged 8 and 10; the third is 6-year old JGab who apparently had a crush on Kuya M too!). The culprits confidantes began telling on VGood. (How else do you think I found out?)

Soon after, word spread like wildfire and the teasing began. VGood pleaded:

“Please let’s keep this our secret?? Pretty, pretty please?”

Of course, all the talk reached the object of V’s affections. Worse, VGood found out that Kuya M knows! Oh, she must have felt so embarrassed! But I did not know it was affecting her so much that she did not want Kuya M to be around anymore. Here’s what she told ate J9, another cousin:

“I don’t like Kuya M anymore. I’m breaking up with him!”

Ate J9 was so amused, as we all did find VGood funny. In retrospect, it must have been torture for her secret blow up right in front of her crush! And then, to have to face that crush every single day must have been another torturing thought for her. I realized the situation was getting too stressful when she woke up one morning crying.

Me: What’s wrong?

V: (in between sobs) When are they leaving? Can you tell their dad [Ethan] to come and get them at the airport?

Me: But they can’t leave yet. Why do you want them to leave?

V: Because I’m shy at Kuya M. (sobs some more)

[“Shy” must have been the only term she can use to say she is embarrassed to be around Kuya M.]

That same day, my sister PetCat and her kids packed their things and “moved” to my other sister’s home. PetCat had to agree that the stress was getting too much for poor little V.

I remember feeling that way too. I was 6 years old – and in love with a boy-neighbor the same age as my sister DaVinci. For as long as he did not know, I enjoyed having him around, joining their games of soccer in the park or hide and seek in our forest. My cousin (The First Lady) and I would camp out in the park and spy on him. But as soon as I found out that he found me out, it was dreadful just to bump into him on the street!

It’s been days since Kuya M left, and my dear little V is doing just fine. The other night, we were looking at the reunion photos. VGood can’t help it:

“There’s Kuya M!”

“Where is Kuya in this picture?”

“There he is!”

Susme! What then have the teenage years got in store for iMoM? These are just birth pangs; the best is yet to come!


Years from now, when you’re already Big V, I know you will just laugh at the silliness of it all… and I hope you will forgive me for blogging about your first lovesick attack. 😛

24 thoughts on “Lovesick!

  1. Imom, I enjoyed reading this entry, brings back my own memories. Made me curious to know what Kuya M looks like 🙂

  2. Hi geri!
    Thanks for the visit!
    Kuya M is tall, dark and handsome, truly! His face among the family photos in my family reunion post- the only teenage boy among the grandkids photo. My sisters and I are all wondering why ang mga bata ay nahuhumaling kay kuya!?? hehe

  3. Hi Chateau. Thanks for sharing this story. It’s so amuzing when kids start to have crushes. It reminded me of the day I realized I had a great crush on our neighbor. I was in grade school, he was in college. His house was across ours and I would sneak behind the curtains whenever I heard his car arrive (Beetle Volkswagen). Funny, how a glimpse of him made my day.

  4. It makes them embarrass when their secret is made known. My 11yo daughter had a crush too. When I discovered about it, she doesn’t want to talk about it. She says she doesn’t want us to talk about it. Of course, I tell her its ok as long as she behaves herself. I have two daughters too. At times I don’t want to think about them growing up. It is inevitable but we just have to deal with these things with a cool and level-headed attitude. 🙂

  5. Omg. So aliw. The books say and my experience confirms that girls develop earlier than boys in many ways — physically and psychologically. Mas nagiging boy-conscious nang maaga. My Bonch also had a crush, at 10, on her 15 year-old first cousin!! Ay naku. And it’s true, when they grow up, it is just somethng to smile about.

  6. Sooo cute!!! 🙂 I’m sure VGood would appreciate this post when she discovers it (and she’s older already). I can’t distinctly remember my first crush. I think I was 6 or 7 years old. It’s really funny and adorable how she was so stressed over Kuya finding out. 😀

  7. cute! very early bloomer Vgood is. did you take pictures of them together? i didn’t have a crush until i reached 16 years my next door neighbor. oo nga naman, it is so much fun if the person you have a crush on doesn’t know.

  8. Hi Rach!
    Ah, those were the kilig days of childhood crushes LOL… I hope your neighbor did not find you out too 😀

  9. Hi Julie! We both have two daughters… If only they could stay our babies forever no?

    Hi annamanila! My first taste of how the teenage years will be- i’m sure mas challenging pa! BTW, I sent you an email about my ISC handle. 😀

  10. Hi Andrea! Baka nga she was so stressed she dreamed about it na. Maybe that’s why she woke up crying… haha

    Hi Belle! Wow, you’re a late bloomer! They don’t have a picture just the two of them together, but there is a group photo of the cousins where Kuya M is behind V with his hands on her cheeks! LOL, kilig moment siguro yun for her because her smile there was an on-top-of-the-world type! 😀 That was before she “broke up” with him hehe

  11. Kaaliw si V. I’m sure she will have this memory with her forever. Your sister is very nice in moving out for your daughter’s sake. Others are likely to dismiss it.

  12. Hi auee! Thanks for visiting!
    I guess one will always remember her first big crush. I still do, though I don’t know anymore where that neighbor is. VGood’s is different – Kuya M will be around for a long long while. I hope she will be able to laugh it off and not feel awkward esp pag teenager na sya.. hmm, ngayon ko lang naisip yon…

  13. oh yes, nowadays kids begin to have crushes at a very young age. but as we all know, it is nothing serious. they have short memory spans in terms of having crushes. as a matter of fact, cute nga. they are even very open about it. the next few days, it will be another crush. just wait when they become teenagers, this crush thing is a cheesy feeling. but we all go through this stage. one win-win situationis when the teenager lets mama in to her secrets (though sometimes, they do not tell all).

  14. Aw… This post reminded me of when my then 6yo son told me he had a crush on a classmate. When I saw the girl, she was taller than him and on the chubby side but really intelligent. Napahanga ako sa taste ng bugoy ko, beyond the physical attributes ang nakita nya… at 6yo. 🙂

  15. 5 yrs old, wow that’s young. I guess it’s because she’s around older kids. My 5 yr old Thank God doesn’t have a crush yet. She has very pogi classmates too.

  16. hi chats. ang cute naman ni VGood at may pa crush crush nang nalalaman. well, at least, you should be thankful enough because it’s a signal that she’s very open to you when it comes to her feelings.

    sarap talaga maging Mommy ano. by the way, i’m dropping by to greet you a Happy Mothers Day. Sunday will be quite a hectic of pampering so i thought i’d greet you in advance.

  17. Hi Sexymom and Feng! I do hope they will still be as open when they start getting serious crushes and real suitors. yikes!

    Hi Linnor! That means you’re doing a great job with you little boy, WTG!

    Hi KK! I’d say it could also be because of TV, and the fact that my older daughter now prefers pre-teen shows over cartoons. May mga ligawan and crushes na themes na dun, so there. Hay..

    Hi Ethan! Your little ones already have crushes too, so be ready! LOL

  18. Wow! A crush at 5!

    Teka, at 5 years old I was playing with jackstones, a boy punched me in the tummy (so I hated them then!), and having crushes on guys was eoooowwwww! hehehe.

    Times sure have changed! But what’s great about this generation is their openness to express their feelings. Your daughter sure has that and it is treasure to hang on to. It becomes important in their teen years.

  19. Hi Chateau!! Parehong pareho sila ni Gaby!! Some time ago she also had a crush on my sister’s husband (who btw is also half-American, mahilig kasi sa tisoy). I think it’s great that she tells you these things. It is a sign that she truly trusts you. Good luck na lang sa atin 🙂

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