Lovesick… Again

Remember VGood’s Lovesick episode last year?

Well, it’s happening again. But this time with a classmate.

And, this time, she is handling her, uhh, situation more calmly and coolly.

V and classmate (let’s call him E) are seatmates. But they have been going to the same Chinese tutorial center since last year. So there’s quite some kind of bond between them na.

I noticed it already –  how fond V is of E. Among all her classmates, E is the only boy among the list of favored friends I found scribbled on a paper. During tutorial sessions, she’d often want to be seated beside him. In a written drill for Filipino subject, one of the two characters in her komik istrip is E (the other character is herself, hehe).

Other than these, though, she has been cool about it. Hindi masyadong pa-obvious, ikanga.

Or so I thought… Until I spoke to E’s mommy Raq.

Raq: Do you know what the Math teacher told me during our PTC (parent-teacher conference)?

Me: No, I wasn’t able to talk to her. What?

Raq: One day V approached her, and whispered that she has a crush on E. She even asked Ms. C to keep it just between the two of them.

Me: huh?? :-0

And then, this happened last Tuesday-

Scene: at the tutorial center. V and E are seated together, answering drill sheets. Mommy Cathy comes in with her daughter Y.

V (nodding towards Y): O, E, ayan na si Y. Your dream come true! *hmp*

Jaws dropped to the floor.


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9 thoughts on “Lovesick… Again

  1. This is funny, si VGood, has learned her lesson n, ganun ba? 😀

    Aba, love triangle ito, naalala ko tuloy yung post ni Cookie about this too 😀

  2. so funny, i do remember having a crush in high school, but one of my closest friends had a crush on the same guy too. i sort of backed off and let them be even if it did annoy me tremendously. subtlety indeed.

  3. Aba aba aba…selosa!! Teka, anong itsura ni Y? Baka naman makuha sa bubble gum at tex si E…teka, kapanahunan pa natin yun ah 😀

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