Losing Weight….Again

Finally, I have grown tired of seeing my big, flabby self on the mirror. I really do not know what hit me. But I am once again trying to lose weight.

The last time I was 2030 pounds lighter was in mid-2005 when I put myself on the South Beach Diet. The Diet really worked for me because I lost about 20 pounds. No, I did not subscribe to those catered SBD meals that were delivered right at your doorstep. Too expensive! Instead I downloaded and Filipinized the recipes and cooked them myself.

After 2 months on the Diet, though, I got pregnant! My obstetrician explained that the healthy lifestyle must have regulated my hormones, making me extra-fertile!

So here I am again, 7 months (and 9 years!!) after giving birth, trying to shed off about thirty pounds. I really have no strict diet plan this time. I found a free weight loss diet plan on the net, and realized that all it usually takes to lose weight is some common sense. I say usually, because for some, the weight gain has organic or hormonal cause. But for most people who are trying to lose weight, the issues are always bad eating habits and lack of activity. I’m the classic example. 😀 I would not even go into how bad I eat and how much of a mouse-potato I am.

From that website, I learned that each person has a certain daily calorie maintenance level, depending on her weight, height, age and lifestyle. In order to lose weight, one has to eat 500 calories below that maintenance level. So that is what I am doing right now. I have been limiting my intake to 1,500 calories per day. I sometimes get hunger pangs and giddy, but the secret is to eat frequent but small meals. Uhm, the “small” part is quite difficult.

Keeping track of calories would have been a challenge I would never take up. But now, there is a website that does that too! FitDay is a free weight loss and diet journal, with a huge database of food caloric equivalents. There is even an entry for Pinakbet!

I have also been doing thrice-weekly 30-minute brisk-walking around our village. Hopefully, I’d be able to do regular crunches, which I only occasionally remember while watching TV. And oh, I’ve been taking Fitrum too! LOL!

So what has hit me? What’s going on? I really don’t know. But I hope I to finally be able to sustain this and make healthy living a life-long habit (especially now that I can’t get pregnant anymore! That’s another story for another day). Cross my fingers, legs and eyes!

8 thoughts on “Losing Weight….Again

  1. It surely is tough losing weight. For me, the only effective way to lose weight is combining healthy eating and jogging/running on the treamill 4 to 5 times a week for half an hour. And then I have to do the leg and hand weights in between. It takes so much time.

    Suggestion: try eating light dinner preferably before 6 PM. If you have craving for fried/junk food and sweets, do so in moderation . Cut down on rice and bread, increase your veggie intake. Drink plenty of water and lay off soda pop.

    Good luck Chats!

  2. Thanks, Belle, for the suggestions. Surprisingly, I’ve been able to suppress the salty/sweets craving… Well, yesterday i gave in to a small slice of cake. hehe.. It’s good that I’ve never been into soda. I admire women like you who are so disciplined in keeping fit. Thanks for the good luck wishes – will surely be needing a lot! 🙂

  3. I lost 50 pounds last year but I’m afraid I’m gaining it back slowly. It wasn’t a healthy diet because I usually skipped meals. Thanks for sharing the link. I’ll check it out and hopefully we can both achieve our target weight.

    With summer fast approaching, I feel the need to lose those extra pounds again to look decent at the beach. *wink*

    Good luck with your diet program.

  4. Good morning Rach! Wow, 50 pounds? That IS HUGE! How did you do it? You say it wasn’t a healthy diet. I agree that weight lost from any other way but diet PLUS exercise will soon come back – with additional pa bec of rebound effect! It has happened to me many times before. I think the secret really to long lasting weight loss is to develop the habit of healthy living… and love for self (as Oprah always says!)
    Yes, good luck to both of us!

  5. i have a great idea – why don’t we all set a date to meet, say 5 months from now, for a get together. then we can show off how much we have lost!

    i guess it will be incentive enough for (1) those who need to lose weight ad (2) for those like rachel who need to maintain their weight. then we will post our “before” and “after” pictures.

  6. Hi sexy mom! that’s a great idea. Are you trying to lose weight too? I plan to reach my target weight loss by mid-June, so your suggestion is perfect. It’s a good challenge for me. How to gather the other mommies?

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