Look Ma, I Got Kisses Today!

One day after school –

V: Ma, Casey gave me kisses today!

iMom: Whaaat??

V: Yeah, three kisses! So I added them to the others in my bottle. But teacher confiscated it. *sad face*

Whew! Now I know what those kisses are. No, not the chocolates. Certainly not lip smacks.

I don’t know about your kids, but kisses seem to be a hit in my kids’ school.

Kisses are tiny jelly-like balls that look like sago (tapioca). When not yet soaked in water, they look like ordinary translucent beads (not like diet pills 😛 ). But when soaked in water, they grow, as in GROW! And they have that beautiful, clear glow like jelly crystal.

Apparently, V has been keeping her ‘pets’ in the classroom, in the lower shelf of the TV cabinet. She can’t keep it in her locker because “kisses need light to grow, ma!” Duh.

So her kisses were happily growing in the PET bottle under the TV… until the lunch monitor caught her playing with them during lunch time. Lunch monitor confiscates the, uhhm,  pets, but was understanding enough to let her have it at the end of the day.

So V had to bring her kisses home. We are keeping them on top of the ref though, where Nate can’t reach them. You see, they’re actually cute and pretty and look yummy. 😀 But I don’t know what they are – what’s in them, are they toxic… So we’ve got to be careful, lest Nate devours them in one gulp.

8 thoughts on “Look Ma, I Got Kisses Today!

  1. Hi Abaniko!

    Hindi naman drum, hehe. But right now, V is telling me that her *teacher* keeps her kisses in a tank, as in fish tank! Either they’re so big or they’re so many now. LOLZ. Pati teacher kinarir ang kisses.

    I hope you are dry and safe, Abaniko. 🙂

  2. Hi Anna! 

    Aha, so hindi lang pala dito uso to. Yes, we are safe and dry. I hope you are all too. Please continue to pray for the victims. It’s very tragic.

    Be well and safe.

  3. So cute! I remember when I was in preschool, I used to put them in my pencil case, but I take care of my kisses, I make sure they’re comfy, they have cotton balls as their bed. 🙂

    Wow! Uso pa rin pala ang kisses sa mga bata! Some things never change! Nakakatuwa.

  4. Hi Yvie! Talaga, uso na yan noon pa? Wow, i did not know. (So I must be really a lot older than you LOL)
    Would you happen to know if toxic sila?

  5. I got those, not for my daughter, but for me LOL! I bought 4 packets ata nun. Shocked ako kasi andami pala nun pag lumaki na haha!

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