Lola Caridad "Inang" S.M.(9 September 1918 – 15 De…

Lola Caridad “Inang” S.M.
(9 September 1918 – 15 December 2005)
Traits I inherited:
my pear-shaped body (so I got it from both sides!); my flat, brittle nails (huhu);
motherly and nurturing spirit.
Names she called me:
By my complete name!;
Whitie (a cousin she called Blackie was my bestfriend back then)
Fondest memories:
a. She’d bring me and Blackie to the back of her house, where she kept her hens.
She would take 2 fresh eggs, crack the tops off, and sprinkle some salt.
Whooosh! Cousin and I slurped the eggs whole, straight from the shell.
(Looking back: Eeeeewww!)
Inang would coax cousin by saying “Come on! It will make your skin whiter!” LOL!
b. There were nights during summer vacation with her that I’d cry because my legs were aching. I must have ran around too much. Or it must be growing pains. Inang would take her liniment and gently massage my legs with it until I fell asleep.

Lolo Germiniano “Amang” M.M.

Traits I inherited:

flat, brittle nails (double huhu); cornick pinky-toenails (and the gift goes on – my kids, my nieces and one nephew have them too!)

Fondest memories:

a. Amang and I went to visit some relatives of his in another town. As a child I had motion sickness. During the trip Amang wasn’t prepared with a burp bag. I was doing my best to not to vomit, but it was becoming more and more unbearable. Seeing that I would explode anytime, Amang took off his bonnet and let me throw up in it! That was his favorite cap, and he sacrificed it for me.

b. Last year during Inang’s burial, I saw how deep a husband’s grief can be when his companion for many many years is gone. The grief cannot be measured by words, it can only be seen and felt. At the cemetery, people were lining up to see Inang for the last time before her casket was lowered to the ground. Amang just stood watching from afar. I asked him if he wanted me to go with him. He shook his head. His feet remained planted on the ground. He was not sobbing, but I could see loneliness so deep in his eyes. The line was coming to its end, and I have not gone up yet. So again I asked him if he wanted to go and see Inang. He just shook his head. I went up the mound and said my last goodbye to Inang. As I headed back to where Amang stood, the men began to lower the casket. At that point, I heard a loud and long wail. It was Amang. He finally broke down. Together with my other cousins, I hurried to his side. We all hugged and cried together.


Amang is still well and strong. I hope to help make his remaining years to be happy and comfortable.

And, Amang, you will never be forgotten. For each time I look at my feet and my children’s feet, you will always come to my mind. 🙂

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  1. Great tribute Chateau…

    While I was reading, I also remember my own favorite grandmother..we had shared unforgettable memories, too.

    Parang gusto ko ring sumulat ng tribute for her, I might create day..

    thanks for this…

  2. Thanks for coming over! 🙂 I enjoy reading your blog as well! I’d really like to tour China soon… the Great Wall and Xi’an are on top of my list.. So i’ll keep going back to your blog to know more..

    Have a great day!

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