Living with an allergic child

Having an allergic child in the home is not easy. But we have somehow gotten used to it and we are all coping well.

I use “we” because the management of skin asthma is a family effort.

We don’t eat the food that Nate is allergic to. (At least not in front of him, anyway, hehe.) Food with preservatives – hotdogs, bacon, Spam, stuff we’d really, really love to have for breakfast – are off the table.

We minimize allergens so every other day, the bedroom and the living room –  everything upholstered and with fabric in those rooms –  are vacuumed. Not with an ordinary vacuum. Hub bought a special anti-dust mite UV vacuum cleaner/fabric sterilizer on his last trip to China. The nifty gadget seems to be working well.

Ah, Nate’s skin care regimen is something else too. His monthly budget for skin lotions, creams, ointments surpass mine by a huge amount! Right after taking a bath, and about 2 more times a day, his skin is slathered all over with Cetaphil lotion. Nothing else can touch his skin –  not colognes, not powder, not shampoos and soaps. It just has to be Cetaphil (cleanser and lotion).

These three things are the things that the family seems to be doing right: food, environment and skin care. Nate’s allergologist tells me these 3 are essential to managing Nate’s skin asthma.

So far, so good. 🙂


Allergic children and their families must have some kind of support group. There is an eczema foundation, but I found that it’s more product-review oriented. Any sites out there you may want to share?

3 thoughts on “Living with an allergic child

  1. Hi sis, I can feel what you’re all going through. Imagine I have 4 kids who all have skin asthma. Bawal mainit, maalikabok, too much chicken, eggs, mango, etc…then si Gabbie me allergy pa sa footwear, hay hirap talaga. Hilo nako, halos wala na kaming makain, veggies & fruits na lang muna. Btw, when can we try the vacuum? Been awhile din since my last visit in your site. Sorry ha.

  2. can relate to this.. i also have a skin allergy.. and also with mites and all..and with some food like the good ones – chocolate and strawberries .. oh well, just have to learn how to deal with it..

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