Life 101: On Choosing Happiness

I woke up today to my phone’s text tone. It was a message from someone dear to my heart. It sounded of defeat, frustration, unhappiness. It broke my heart that, despite all the blessings he has received from Life, he feels that the word HAPPY “is empty, meaningless, and absurd.”

How can someone lose sight of all the reasons to be happy?

Why are some people swallowed up by their own problems and imagined sufferings, so that they fail to see there are many others in real suffering?

Have you ever thought of the families of the victims of the sunken ship – what horrid times they must be going through? How about them who drowned as the ship went down? What do you think went on in their minds? And how about the physical pain?

Try to imagine how it must have been for them – the Fil-Am family that was just vacationing; the pregnant woman who was to get married in December; the captain of the ship who was dubbed the best there was in the shipping company. All of them, along with the hundreds still unaccounted for, had life snuffed out just like that. They were left with no choice to make.

But you – you are alive. You have lived to a ripe, old age.

You have accomplishments, great and trivial alike, to speak of.

You have a lifetime’s worth of beautiful memories.

You have traveled to places that more than half of the rest of the world will never get to see.

You have a big, loving family

-a wife that stands by you – imperfect, but, nevertheless, always patient and loving you in her own special ways;

-children worthy of your pride, and who would do almost anything just to keep you happy;

-grandchildren who look up to you, whom you have made laugh to no end at some point.

You have all these blessings.

Yet you choose to forget them. Instead, you wallow up in past failures, and torment yourself with thoughts of horrible things that have not even happened!

Happiness is a choice. In a less-than-perfect world, choosing to be happy in spite of our circumstances becomes a conscious effort.

Stop blaming yourself for other people’s failures. Those are their (our) own making. Eventually, things will work out just fine.

You have to will yourself to be happy.

Because Life will never become perfect enough to make you happy.

“Life never calms down long enough… Life is always movement, always change, always unforeseen circumstances…Stop waiting for life to become perfect, and start working with what you’ve got to make it as satisfying as you can.” (Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance)

It’s never too late. You can choose to be happy today.

9 thoughts on “Life 101: On Choosing Happiness

  1. Hi Chats, very well said (written). Happiness is a choice really. If only people would just be happy with what life has offered them…Everyone will be smiling in this journey.

  2. hi chats! when you mentioned this to me last night the first thing that came to mind was that this person was “nagsesentimyento.” maybe he just misses you guys. you know naman how it is with older folk 😀

  3. Beautiful post. On target too for the sad and frustrated people of this world.

    Maybe your friend will bounce back. (That happens to me too — fall,bounce, fall, bounce, dribble dribble) Will he read this piece?

    I have a feeling you are talking of someone more than a friend.

  4. Kakaiyak naman ito.

    I wrote a post about being happy as a choice. Kasi if we allow ourselves to constantly think about the negative things, negative din ang dating natin.

    I hope this person close to your heart would be able to see beyond what is bothering him/her. You can perhaps lead her the way, Chateau for you have a way to cheer people up.

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