Learning Abacus Mental Math

My 5-year-old Nate is enrolled at Active Ambassadors Academy (AAA), a fairly new pre-school in the New Manila, Quezon City area that’s in its second year of operation. Part of its curriculum is Abacus Mental Math.

One of the main reasons why I chose to keep him here in this small school is the Chinese education. (I blogged about it here and here.)

Another good reason is its MiKids Program with integration of Abacus mental math into the Math subject. I first saw a demo by kids who have been on the Abacus program during a get-together with a few mommy bloggers at AAA. The Abacus kids were adding and subtracting a series of 3-digit numbers mentally and giving the answer as soon as the teacher finished dictating the series of numbers! Amazing!

abacus mental math
I captured this image from the video I took. I will post the video here are soon as I get better net connection and am able to upload it on YouTube.

But I was completely surprised when I saw my own son, at 5 years old, adding and subtracting numbers with sums/differences up to 10! He can can totally grasp the idea.

How does abacus mental math work? In the beginning, kids use an actual abacus to do simple math problems. Eventually, as they progress to higher and more difficult numbers, the kids solve mentally.

I’m thankful that Nate did not inherit my Math inabilities, hehe. And I’m even more thankful for the Abacus method. Hopefully his Math foundation will be stable enough so he wouldn’t have any difficulties when he gets to grade school. Kudos to Nate’s teachers!

2 thoughts on “Learning Abacus Mental Math

  1. Tuwang tuwa ako kay Nate last time we were together. 1, he couldn’t wait to get home to do his math homework! 2, he couldn’t wait for you to be available to assist him! Ganyang edad diba, tinutukan pa yan sa homework, at least that’s the case with my kids when they were in preschool. Pero siya, he could do it without you! And 3, I loved the way he used the abacus, expert na expert. Like it’s a just a toy for him, like the way we grown-ups use computers. I’m a fan!

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