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My family has been going to Lam Tin Tea House along Banawe Street in Quezon City often lately. I guess that’s just the way we are –  when we find some new yummy place, we keep going and going until we get tired of the menu. Kinda like infatuation…

Lam Tin, a small no-fuss Chinese teahouse,  is almost always full each time we go on Sundays. I heard from two different sources that the chef at Lam Tin was pirated from Causeway Seafood Restaurant. I’m not sure how true, but the food is a winner in my books.

Lam Tin Tea House noodle feast tausi fish fillet lumpiang shanghai

You don’t go to a place like this for the ambience. You go for the food.

Because it has just about 12 tables or so, it can only accommodate a limited number of guests at a time. Families and groups arrive one after another, though. So my family makes sure we get there before the lunch crowd does – around 11, 11:30 AM. Even so, the parking is already quite full by then.

The menu at Lam Tin Tea House offers the usual Chinese fare. Breakfast – congee, dimsum (no dimsum cart here), noodle soups – starts at 7 AM, though I have not tried the congee yet.

V, wherever we bring her, will always love shao long pao, and Lam Tin’s passes her standards with flying colors!

Some of the dishes that have become our favorites –

1. Noodle Feast (Php220) – This dish is large enough for my whole family to share. It’s basically flat noodles with different meat toppings – spicy pork, white chicken, wanton dumplings, and sliced beef (which we’d request to be taken out since we’re non-beef eaters. They’d happily oblige and replace with more wanton dumplings).

2. Fish Fillets in Tausi Sauce (Php180) – Classic Chinese dish. I love the freshness of the fish, and the crispness of the green peppers.

3. Lumpiang Shanghai (Php180) –  Nate’s favorite at Lamtin. Because he’s allergic to seafood and chicken (among many other things), he’s limited to pork dishes. Nate can finish about 4, 5 pieces of lumpia. With lots of white rice!

4. Crispy Chicken (Php180) – I love that it’s juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside. (Does that sound like some tagline??) And with 10 medium-sized pieces per serving, it’s way cheaper than Jollibee or KFC. 😛

Crispy Chicken Lam Tin tea house

We go to Lam Tin about two Sundays a month. Paying under one thousand pesos for our 6-member family (including ate Josie) is definitely within budget.

Lam Tin Tea House is located along Banawe Street on the corner of Cuenco Street in Quezon City. Telephone number is +632 4940901. Easement and side-street parking only.

This is not a paid advertisement by or a compensated post for Lam Tin. It’s pure love. 😀

13 thoughts on “Lam Tin Tea House | Banawe Food Crawl

  1. yummy.. this post makes me crave for some good Chinese food.. which is hard to find here because the Chinese food in the Chinese restaurant is geared towards the taste buds of a German 🙁 so not really that authentic.. unless I could speak Chinese and get the Chinese menu ..yup, a Chinese friend of mine who has now moved to England used to do that for me…

  2. Me and my boyfriend also love going to Lam Tin everytime we feel want happy and full tummies.. 😀 hahahaha

  3. Is Lam Tin and the old Han Pao at Banawe the same? Because I’m searching for the address of Lam Tin and Han Pao’s name always pops out. Thanks!

  4. The first time i was in Lam Tin together with my hubby i taught this was an expensive restaurant. The food is delicious and worth what you pay for..I love to eat noodles. I like combination of their chao fan and halo-halo noodles…..superb…i keep introducing this to my friends….

  5. I also see to it that i take my lunch at Lam Tin everytime i have a hearing at NLRC.

    love their Xiao Long Pao and Chicken Feet. The serving of their Congee is good for two person.

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