La Mesa Ecopark for family picnics

Well, it wasn’t exactly just a mommy picnic, because we most of us had kids in tow. (Mine were in full attendance!) Since it has been raining for several days prior to the picnic, I was worried we might be rained out. But I woke up that Friday morning to a beautiful sunny day! It was going to be a beautiful day out at the La Mesa Ecopark!

La Mesa Ecopark family picnic

Thanks, Cess, for this photo. Your big camera rocks! (Aww, look at Nate! He got those scratches on his nose from a fall 2 days before the picnic. πŸ™ )

La Mesa Ecopark kids dayout

The kids had so much fun playing in the wide-open spaces. This log-turned-rocket ship provided them much amusement (and the mommies more free time to talk!).

La Mesa Ecopark Shell Flower Park Lake

The photos above were shot from the Shell Flower Terraces at the top of the La Mesa Ecopark. To get there, we had to get past those steps on the left. The breath-taking view, however, is worth the thousand steps! (I’m just exaggerating – there are about 100 steps. I forgot to count because we were chatting and taking photos while climbing.) See those dark clouds in the bottom-right photo? They decided to burst wide open later in the afternoon. Good thing we raided Wenchie’s home just in time, which happened to be just right outside the Park. There the mommies continued the talkathon and the kids their playathon.

The La Mesa Ecopark is located at the La Mesa Watershed, Metro Manila’s main source of drinking water. In recent years, much efforts have been initiated for the protection of the La Mesa Watershed. Its website says that by just visiting the park, we already contribute to its conservation.

It’s a wonder that such a densely forested, beautiful place still exists within the Metro. And it is just a 20-minute drive from my home! The Park has facilities for picnics, swimming, paint-balling, fishing, boating, biking, camping and hiking. There is also an Orchidarium and a Butterfly Hatchery (which I have not seen yet). Pavillions are also available for events and parties.

Visit the La Mesa Ecopark and contribute to your drinking water’s conservation. Park hours: 8 AM to 5 PM daily. See the entrance rates here.


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13 thoughts on “La Mesa Ecopark for family picnics

  1. hi Chats! I’ve already told you this via text but let me say it again that I had a great time with all of you. ay naku, super enjoy talaga. bitin pa nga sa kwentuhan kahit nag extend na tayo kina Wenchie. haha!

    see you June 6. salon muna tayo bago attend ng bday party. πŸ™‚

    BTW, great pics here. inggit naman ako coz I don’t have any photo to keep. pa grab ng mga photos ninyo ha.

  2. Hi Feng and Cess! I can send you the photos with better resolution. These are low-res for faster uploading and viewing. πŸ™‚
    See you soon again.

  3. wonderful pictures–hope there will be lots more of the ecoparks in our country.

    and i am glad everyone in the family is ok now!

  4. wow, mukhang ang saya naman, that’s a lot of green.i heard about that dam before but i didn’t know it’s that developed already. happy to know that the government has come up with such a park, para naman people from M.M. can do something nice outdoor di lang malling πŸ™‚

  5. lovely photos of beautiful mommies and children. and the surrounding looks green and refreshing, nice place for get-together.

  6. I’m sad…I had so much fun at the picnic that everything after seemed kinda downhill…drama pa eh..hehehe πŸ˜€

    Ako naman naka-stomach-in para di kita bilbilicious ko..kasi naman ang daming food!!

    Till the next “mommy gig”…iplano na!! Foot spa..anyone?

  7. Cookie – haha, drama! Foot spa gets my vote!

    Julie – lahat tayo nagtatakip ng bel-bellies haha

    Lynn – Sure, go ahead! I should send you the ones with better resolution though. Trish and Trish, LOL

    Toni- Tama ka, people here go to the malls for pasyal. Glad there is an alternative nearby.

    Belle – LA mesa indeed is sooo refreshing. I love the huge old trees.

  8. Hi Chats, nice pics, pahiram ha. Lam mo naman ako low-tech, I just rely on my cellphone for pics. Ako na lang yata di pa naka-post abt. our picnic (kasi lang pics he he). Looking forward to more bonding time with you guys….Sana next time marami na tayo, paging Rachel…(we missed you). πŸ˜‰

  9. Wow. You really had fun; it shows. I know all the moms except two … and most of the children too. have seen some in person. why is that hahaha? I will join you one day … when apo andeng is big enough to run around. πŸ™‚

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