Kung Fu, Wuxia, and Learning Mandarin

My kids’ fascination with kung fu movies started early this year, when my husband bought The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber series on DVD (Pinyin: Yi Tian Tú Lóng Jì. Simplified Chinese: ????? ). It is one of the famous Chinese fantasy martial art (wuxia) epics that my husband and his siblings grew up on.

Originally written as a novel, my sister-in-law fondly recalls reading it during English class back in high school. Hubby recalls watching the TV series over and over, each time in a different version. He says we’re lucky today because DVD versions are available. Back in his time, he had to wait for the next episode to air every week! There are about 40 episodes, so imagine how long that wait is!

My husband bought the DVD for my kids and I to learn the Chinese Mandarin language. This is a fun way of learning the language. My husband confesses that he learned most of his Chinese Mandarin not in school, but inside the Chinese cinemas in Binondo (I bet with a little bit of class-cutting). 😛

I plan to buy the Chinese version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, my all-time favorite wuxia.
Do you like wuxia? What’s your favorite?


My sister-in-law and her son are in the Philippines for a month-long vacation. And she has been tryingvery hard to teach my kids (and me) Mandarin. Oh, she’s even baptized me with my own Chinese name: Jia Wen ( ?? ), which literally means.. aherm.. “beautiful/fine writing” (in reference to my blog. So I do have a fan!?? *cartwheeling all over*)

6 thoughts on “Kung Fu, Wuxia, and Learning Mandarin

  1. I used to be a fan of KungFu movies as a child and I use to watch these on TV too, I think every Sunday, on RPN, if I’m not mistaken (shows my age 😀 )

    Your SIL is right, I agree with her.

  2. Hi Julie!

    Ako din, I used to watch on RPN kahit hindi ko naiintindihan. Enjoy lang ako sa moves and sa costumes hehe

  3. i used to love the chinene telenovelas on sunday mornings 🙂 remember. they use to air them every sunday.. hmm i am not really sure if they are soaps .. basta i only know they are chinese.

  4. I love Chinese movies too. aside from RPN 9, meron din yata sa IBC 13. 🙂

    Jia Wen pala ha! 🙂 I so so agree thoough!

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