Krispy Kreme + Oreo = ?

This! *tada!!*

Krispy Kreme continues to celebrate its 72nd anniversary.

This time, Krispy Kreme has teamed up with the world’s favorite cookie – Oreo! –  to give us a delicious union of two great American icons. *drool*

With this union, Chocolate Kreme Cakes are born. They’re made of moist chocolate cake covered with rich chocolate glaze. You can choose between vanilla and chocolate kreme top-smotherings. (I like vanilla better.) Of course the top is further generously sprinkled with Oreo bits.

Chocoholics and sweet-toothed fans are the happiest people on Earth with these new decadent treats from Krispy Kreme. As always, perfect with a hot mug of coffee!


It’s a bit too much on the sweet side; someone who’s dental health isn’t in very good shape may need to go see a dentist, even a Plano dentist, after devouring a piece or two of this sweet treat.

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