Krispy Kreme Green Hornet Doughnuts

Yo, Krispy Kreme fans! There’s something new for you at KK stores all over – the Krispy Kreme Green Hornet Doughnuts!

Krispy Kreme Green Hornet DoughnutsNate looks so delighted! These little surprise deliveries of sweet treats always delight my kids. (His shirt matches the doughnuts, but no, it isn’t a Green Hornet shirt. Guess what it is. :D)

These new glazed doughnuts are bubblegum-flavored with a surprising tinge of mint. The twist is just enough to give a bit of sting. Yep, Green Hornet it is!

Have you gone to see The Green Hornet movie in 3D? We haven’t yet, but we definitely will watch it in the coming days.

Don’t forget to bring along some Krispy Kreme Green Hornet doughnut snacks. This limited edition treat lasts only until February 13, so go get some! 😉


4 thoughts on “Krispy Kreme Green Hornet Doughnuts

  1. I love The Green Hornet doughnuts! Ilang beses na yata ako bumibili niyan since it came out. Haha. As for Ben 10, I think Krispy Kreme should make Ben 10-themed doughnuts and name the doughnuts after the alien monsters.

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