Krispy Kreme Christmas Doughnuts | Happy Ho-ho-ho-lidays!

We’ve officially crossed the one-month mark before Christmas Day. For those who have not started on their Christmas shopping lists yet – let’s panic! But lookie here! Krispy Kreme has concocted these cuties so you can take it easy a bit. Introducing the Krispy Kreme Christmas Doughnuts –

Krispy Kreme Christmas Doughnuts snowman


Krispy Kreme Christmas Doughnuts gift wreath

They are adorable! Too cute to eat. But who can resist biting into them sweet treats, especially with Signature Coffee? Yum, sarrrap! Perfect for relaxing after a day of frantic Christmas shopping.

Grab these holiday treats from Krispy Kreme in a cute tin can, and you got yourself the perfect Christmas giveaways.

These Krispy Kreme Christmas Doughnuts are now available at your favorite Krispy Kreme branch.


2 thoughts on “Krispy Kreme Christmas Doughnuts | Happy Ho-ho-ho-lidays!

  1. Is the snowman back? My 3-year-old loved them last year but only saw the picture below in the billboards so I didn’t think they had the snowman again.

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