Krispy Kreme Box of Minis

Our favorite doughnut store, Krispy Kreme, comes up with another new yummy treat  – mini doughnuts! Welcome, Krispy Kreme Box of Minis into your diets, ladies, gents and kids. 🙂

These 20 sweet little things come in a Box of Minis with different flavors – peanut butter, blueberry, caramel, chocolate-vanilla, strawberry, bubblegum, lemon glazed, among others.

Krispy Kreme box of minis mini doughnuts

The peanut butter and caramel flavors (top row in photo below) are perfect with coffee. Meanwhile, kids will love the strawberry and bubblegum flavors (bottom row below).

Krispy Kreme mini doughnuts caramel strawberry bubblegum

I find the lemon glazed and vanilla glazed mini doughnuts below so cute. 😀

Krispy Kreme mini doughnuts lemon glaze vanilla glaze

What I love with Krispy Kreme Box of Minis? I get the same Krispy Kreme goodness without the sweetness overload. Sometimes, with the full-sized variety of the sweeter ones (like the Oreo Chocolate Kreme Cake), my throat starts hurting with the second serving. (Which isn’t a bad thing really, ‘cos then I don’t pop one after the other, teehee!)

With these mini doughnuts, one piece is just the right size to satisfy the sweet craving. A second doughnut is a welcome option. A third – well, yeah, I can still take!

Nate loved the bubblegum-glazed mini doughnut. He’s allergic to doughnuts and artificial coloring, but… What the heck, he’s just a kid –  I let him have this one. 😀

Krispy Kreme Box of Minis are now available at all Krispy Kreme stores for only P299.


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