King Chef Restaurant – a potential affair

King Chef Restaurant is one of those food finds on Banawe Street, Quezon City that my family has been going back to lately. It’s a brewing affair, I can feel it.

Reason number one: King Chef Restaurant has a dimsum breakfast promo from 7 AM to 10AM where everything is at P48.00. The dimsum isn’t bad at all. Though I did not like the pork siomai very much, V extremely enjoyed her xiao long bao, Nate the mini-siopao, and Patch the tausi spareribs.

KIng Chef Restaurant Banawe Street Pumpkin soup siopao dimsum

Top to bottom: Mini Siopao with ground meat and egg filling; the unique Pumpkin Congee with quail eggs and whole shrimps; siomai and Pork Spareribs dimsum, mini siopao.

Reason number two: King Chef offers Misua Co (one of hub’s comfort food) and a unique Pumpkin Congee during breakfast.

Reason number three: So far, we seem to love everything we’ve had there (well, save for the siomai nga…) The Seafood Sotanghon Hotpot with Satay (or, more appropriately, sate) is really yummy, with just the right amount of spicy sate.

KIng Chef Restaurant seafood hotpot, spareribs, xiao long bao

Clockwise: Pork Spareribs; Xiao Long Bao; Steamed Fish Fillets with Tofu; Seafood Sotanghon Hotpot with Satay; Honey-glazed Pork Ribs

Reason number four: It’s affordable, though a bit more expensive than where we usually go to (such as Lam Tin and Fu Chi). Our Sunday family lunches at King Chef are always well under P2,000.

Parking is also one of our gauges for choosing a restaurant, which means good parking and alsoΒ full parking. A lot of cars coming and going is a good sign, and parking is definitely not easy at King Chef during peak eating hours.

So yeah, I think my family is on the brink of an affair with the King Chef.


4 thoughts on “King Chef Restaurant – a potential affair

  1. hi ms. peachy! thank you for your wonderful comments for my resto. I’m marites ang, owner of King chef. I hope I can invite you sometime and see offer you a free siomai or any other dimsum to compensate for the one you didn’t like. thank you for your regular patronage. we hope to see more of you here at king chef.

  2. Hi Ms. Marites! I am imom, owner of this blog. πŸ™‚ 

    Actually, my family is very happy with King Chef, no need to worry about that siomai. πŸ™‚

    In fact, we are there at least twice a month. We were there last Sunday for late lunch – treated my Dad, and he loved everything we ordered. Our current favorites are the seafood satay sotanghon hotpot,  seafood spinach soup.. Actually, so far we love everything we’ve eaten there. Oh yeah, we ordered siomai last Sunday, and it wasn’t bad.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. I hope you come back and read some more. πŸ™‚

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