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Kiltepan View Point | Sunrise watching in Sagada

Welcome, 2015! To welcome the new year, I went on an adventure trip to Sagada! And one of the highlights of the trip was watching the sunrise at Kiltepan View Point.

Sagada, a little town up north in Mountain Province, Luzon, is such an amazing and beautiful place. First-timers like me will be awed with its natural beauty. I took so many pictures, so I will be dividing my blog posts into several parts.

Kiltepan view point sunrise sagada

There are so many things to do in Sagada, and they don’t necessarily have to cost much. Sunrise watching is definitely free! Kiltepan View Point is one of the best places to view the sunrise, so that’s where we (my sis, my niece and I) planned to spend the early morning of Day 3 of our Sagada trip. (As you can see, my posts won’t be chronologically ordered.)

Google map Kiltepan vewi point Sagada

Kiltepan View Point is way up, up, up, up, up a mountain off Staunton Road, right where the new Petron Gas Station is being built.

It’s quite a hike from the town center, maybe about 30 to 40 minutes. By car, it took us around 15 minutes. (Google Maps says 6 minutes, but that probably doesn’t take into account the real-life bumpy ride up Kiltepan Road.)

When planning a sunrise watch, you’d need to check online what time sunrise would be. That morning, it was supposed to be at 6:29 AM. Give yourselves ample time to get to Kiltepan, so you’d want to be on your way around 40 minutes before sunrise. You wouldn’t want to miss the whole point of the activity. (Which we almost did, because we were tired from spelunking and hiking from Day 2, and we had a hard time getting up early on a cold, cold morning!)

No matter how tired and sleepy and, perhaps, grouchy you were when you woke up, this scene will definitely take all that away. Kiltepan sunrise is beautiful – one of the most amazing sunrises I have ever woken up to.

kiltepan view point sunrise sagada trip
kiltepan view point sunrise watch sagada 1

kiltepan view point sunrise watch sagada tour

kiltepanview point sunrise sagada tour 2

After all the other sunrise watchers left, my sister, my niece and I stuck around a bit, sitting in silence and awe.

Sagada tour kiltepan view point sunrise


sagada tour kiltepan view point sunrise blue sky

sagada tour kiltepan view point sunrise pine trees

kiltepan view point rice terraces sagada
I think this is the Northeastern Sagada Rice Terraces

Next on the agenda: breakfast!

(All photos were shot with HTC Desire 816.)


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