Kiddie Party or Weekend Getaway?

I’m torn.

VGood and Magnate are celebrating their birthdays soon – 7th and 2nd, respectively, just a week apart. I initially thought of planning just one party for both of them. That would be more cost-efficient. But as I drew up the guest list, I realized it won’t be a simple and small party as I initially intended it to be.

Nate has quite a number of playmates and fans (read: yayas of the playmates, hehe) in the neighborhood. Why, my son has a social life, after all! Of course, the ever-sociable VGood started naming all her friends in school, and even her Chinese tutors… In short, it seems I will go over the budget.

Then a thought occurred to me: why don’t we, instead, go on a getaway – someplace where there’s water, sand, horses and rest – even for just a weekend? I made a call to a beach resort we’ve been wanting to visit. The rates seem fair enough, and I’ve read good reviews. Compared to a kiddie party, we will spend just a little lesser with a family getaway, and still within the budget.

On the other hand, a kiddie party would surely be fun! Happy memories from celebrations are priceless treasures. But… so are family vacations, right?

Kiddie party vs. weekend getaway – the pros and cons are debating in my mind. Technohub has not been helpful at all, telling me “Ikaw na bahala dyan” each time I asked his opinion (buti sana kung hindi niya ako aawayin if we go over the budget). And with days coming and going so fast, I’m running out of time.

The kids… well, the kids like to have a party and go to the beach! (kaloka)

What do you think, friends? Help me make up my mind. I’d be grateful for your inputs. Any party venues you might suggest are also welcome. (Am running out of ideas!)


15 thoughts on “Kiddie Party or Weekend Getaway?

  1. PARTEEHHH!! Hehehe 😀

    Hirap yan, kasi if you ask the kids..syempre party. The adults would definitely rather go to the beach.

    Tama si Hubs…bahala ka na lang 🙂

  2. ha ha ha, times are hard nowadays. my kids kasi are big na–they would go for the cash rather than a party.

    but if you have extra to spare, party na, not a getaway since nag open na school.

  3. Looks like the vote swings to the parteeeh!

    Leah, Julie: it’s what i had in mind too- a swimming party. But it will be in July, eh baka naman bagyuhin ang swimming party, maanod kami sa canal, hehe.

    @ SexyMom: If it weren’t Vera’s 7th (big deal sa Chinese) hindi rin ako magpapa party eh. Magastos talaga.

    @ Cookie: true, I’d rather go to the beach and rest. hehe. Party planning is so toxic, iniisip ko palang ayoko na haha.

  4. i would go for the weekend get away too, it’s nice to make memories with your kids – within your small circle.. it’s a nice way to start the school year too. there’s always a reason to party – but get aways need more extra things like a good place, nice price, good weather, nice program for kids etc. so goodluck with the decision *wink, wink*

  5. I vote for the getaway. With gas prices going up, along with rates and everything else maybe you won’t feel like going for a vacay soon. Plus, i always treasure times with the kids, building memories with them and so on. Party is too toxic like you said, and it’s expensive and then you have to clean up all the gulo! 🙂

  6. golly gee! chaaaaaats! we have the same dilema.. Migo’s bday is fast approaching na din diba.. at ayaw din makialam ni “hubby”.. same same, limited budget, mommy wants a party, daddy wants a getaway.. ganito nalang ginawa ko, may getaway, tapos may small party din sa orphanage.. konting kids lang, hindi kailangan bongga, meaningful pa, duvaaaah

  7. love the picture =)

    i asked this question to a friend once and she advised me to go ahead with the party, bec the child would appreciate it more. gusto rin sana namin ni hubby was a trip to this place we all have never been to. pero our son chose the party.
    siguro you ask vgood, choose just one kamo, and put emphasis on the “just one” =)

  8. Hi Feng! Subic is exactly what we had in mind- Camayan Beach to be exact, where the beach is still pristine.

    Hi Mrs Hekmi 🙂 Yup, if I wait for sembreak or christmas break, who knows how expensive gas would be by then?

    Hi Peeyaa!!! Missed you! Where have you been?? Happy birthday to Migo. The orphanage is a very good idea. I’m thinking of Project Brave Kids.

    Hi Cess! I asked V and the moment she heard “just one”, she said “ok, beach”. hehe

  9. Well if you ask me, I celebrate or celebrated the milestone birthdays (1st, 7th, 12th) with a party and all the rest as strictly family affairs.

    Even nung nauso yung mga party held in the classrooms, no, I didn’t go along.

    But that’s only me.

  10. my hubby’s bday and my birthday’s only a few days apart and what we do, we go for a short vacation during those days, most of the time! ang rule naman dito, invited guests should correspond to the bday kid’s age 😀

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