Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles

My family would usually go to Lanzhou La Mien on Benavidez, Binondo or to Banawe for our hand-pulled noodles and dumplings fix. Binondo is a looong drive from home, but we’re like that when we like the food. Distance is not a problem. There’s a fairly new place, though, on Timog Avenue, Quezon City that serves authentic hand-pulled noodles – Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles.

Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles quezon city

So now we don’t have to go far to satisfy my family’s noodle-and-dumpling cravings (which occurs quite frequently, hehe).

I was first brought to Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles for dinner by my sister’s sister-in-law. The place happens to be partly owned by the family of the husband of my sister’s other sister-in-law, the same group that owns Mr. Choi Kitchen (another family favorite)… Bago kayo mahilo sa family tree, let’s get on with the food… 😛

Kan Zhu’s best-seller seems to be the Braised Beef Noodle Soup (P135 for a fairly large bowl). Unfortunately, because my family doesn’t eat beef, I can only imagine that it must be very delicious, as each table seems to order this one.

Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles beef noodle soup dumplings century egg
Clockwise: Beef Noodle Soup; Century Egg (P70); Fuzhu – a spicy appetizer of tofu skin and sea cucumber (P70); Steamed Pork Dumplings (P65 for 7 pieces).

When I brought my hub and kids there on another occasion, we liked both varieties of the seafood noodles. We also liked the Chinese Sausage Fried Rice (P135 for a platter good enough for 3-4 persons to share). Of course, my kids will always like steamed dumplings. Though the menu says “pork dumplings”, it really is more “kuchay dumplings” because there is very little pork. But that is exactly how my kids like their dumplings, anyway.

Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles seafood fried noodles
Mixed Seafood Dry Noodles (P135); Seafood Fried Noodles (P130).

There’s no rocket science behind the secret of Kan Zhu’s noodles; no tough chemical equation or engineering job. The noodles are probably just flour and water… and this secret ingredient:

Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles noodling pulling guy
A cute Chinese guy does the noodle-pulling! hehehe

10 thoughts on “Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles

  1. ah, the cute Chinese guy makes all the difference! LOL! This sounds like our kind of place too. We love noodles and dumplings 🙂

    Great review, Chats.

  2. Hi JMom! Yes, he does. hahaha! My family can live on just noodles and dumplings. I will be featuring more dumpling places soon.

  3. Hi Mia! I don’t think they have a branch there na. I’m not familiar with Chinese eating places in the south, sorry. Pero a few more minutes/hours nasa Binondo ka na so, goww! haha

  4. Hi Tinatonio! Sorry I don’t know the exact address, but it is right across the Prince William Hotel on Timog Avenue. It’s hard to miss once you see the hotel. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. May I know the exact location / address of the restaurant?

    Your immediate reply is much more appreciated.

  6. actually the chef you are taking to is our chef before they were just pirated by somebody so you must the original taste located at 411 N.S Retiro St. (Amoranto St) Quezon City SHANGHAI HAND PULLED NOODLES so you compare he difference.

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