In The (Lunch) Box – Part 2


Today is week 2 for the Filipino Mom Blog‘s Lunch Box Meme.

My husband and kids are having pork patties in brown garlic sauce for lunch. (I had this for breakfast! 😀 )

Ground pork is a staple baon item in our household because of its many possibilities!

Since we don’t eat beef for religious reasons, patties are always made of ground pork mixed with eggs, flour, onions, salt and pepper. They’re prepared at least one night before frying.

The sauce is done by mixing cornstarch, soy sauce and a little bit of brown sugar with cold water. In the same pan used for frying the patties, set aside patties and drain off excess oil. Saute some minced garlic until light brown. Add the cornstarch mixture and let thicken. Add the fried patties and cook through for a few seconds. You’re done!

On other days, I’d make sweet and sour sauce instead of the brown sauce. I was thinking of making a cream and mushroom gravy for today. But the cream component might make it spoil sooner.

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7 thoughts on “In The (Lunch) Box – Part 2

  1. that’s true–the endless possibilities of ground pork 🙂 a staple inside our fridge too.

    your pork patties look yummy with that sauce 🙂

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