My family and I will be going on a week-long vacation. Since I still haven’t gotten my own notebook PC (hint, hint! Hubby, don’t we need that so we can work from anywhere??! ), I guess I will be blogging less, if at all, this week. (My parents’ home remains untouched by technology 😛 ).

I will miss you, Blogosphere! But I shall be back soon with lots of photos and stories to share.

8 thoughts on “~iMonLeave~

  1. Have fun at your parents’ 🙂

    When you buy a laptop get one with a widescreen monitor. The big screen is not just for gamers, it’s actually very useful… Annika often watches Backyardigans videos on half my screen while I work on the other half (sige na nga, I do more blog-hopping than working) 😀

  2. hi chats, have a nice vacation with your family. i was lucky enough to leave my blog in the hands of my daughter who did a good job babysitting my blog while i was away. i did bring a laptop with me but the place i live in the Phil is not internet accessible though i was able to upload pictures i took occasionally, play games, etc on it so it came in handy.

    looking forward to seeing photos of your trip.

  3. Hi Friends!
    Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog… We’re having a nice time here. I’m doing this from an internet shop- kinda getting blog-withdrawal symptoms na kasi eh! LOL

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