iMoM Meets Annamanila

Annamanila, one of the bloggers I admire most, and now a good friend on- and off-blog, asked me five questions for the “Interview me!” meme. I must say her questions are thought-provoking and very revealing. You’ll see why. So, anna, finally my answers:

1. I see that doors are your and hubby’s business. How are doors symbolical in anyone’s life? In yours in particular?

Before we began marketing doors, I just thought that a door is a door is a door. I never knew there were so many kinds of doors, not to mention mind-boggling technicalities about them. For me, doors symbolize choices made. Choose a wrong door, and your home is stuck with it for the rest of its life… unless of course you decide to take the whole thing down (jamb included, which will mean you will also have to redo the walling… Yeah, too much hassle!). Choose the right door, and you will not regret having spent for good quality (aherm. πŸ˜› ). So it is with life. Sometimes we make bad choices, and because they can’t be undone, we just have to learn to live with them. And hope that something good comes out of the booboo. Doors could also represent the risk that comes along with the choice. Just as one will not know what is behind a door unless she opens it, life sometimes requires that we take the leap first.

2. How is the weaned-out technophobe? How is he progressing? Is there a chance he would end up blogging too?

Speaking of him: he surprised me with a brand-new LCD monitor for my PC the other night! As I got home from dinner with very special friends, he told me to go check our son who stays in the office-bedroom. I went to the room nervously, and saw MagNate soundly asleep. “Ok, good.. he did not shave off his head… Whew!” (Hub has been suggesting it, even went as far as to borrow his father’s shaving kit!). Then I turned and saw the PC monitor covered.

I slowly thought: “Oooh, he got me a new monitor cover…???” It took me a few seconds to realize what was under the cover. You see, I owned a bulky CRT monitor which was bad for the eyes. On top of the radiation CRTs are known to emit, something about the blurry display told us it was time to retire it. I just cannot get over the fact that I did not have to do much cajoling, hinting, and bargaining to convince him. Plus the attempt to surprise me was sweeet!

So is this a sign that he is beginning to progress into the acceptance phase for my blogging? Not exactly, haha. His motives might as well be work-related. On his path to recovery from technophobia, hub is doing okay. He seem to have mastered Powerpoint and MS Paint already. Once he mentioned that we (includes moi) might need to study CADD soon. As for him blogging, I do not see it in the near/not-so-near future… unless I am willing to transcribe his thoughts into posts! He does have lots of bloggable insight on work, family, parenting, relationships and life.

3. What is the most positive and most negative thing you’ve told yourself? How did you answer?

The most positive thing I’ve told myself: “Being here 24/7 for my family is the best decision I’ve ever made.” I often tell this to assure myself that it is! Nothing could be more important or worth sacrificing for than seeing my family grow together. I feel I am serving my life’s purpose.

The most negative: “I cannot be good enough.” Sometimes I feel like the things I do are not good enough. I know I can’t please everyone, but somehow I still want to try. On one end, it’s a good thing because it means I will keep striving to be better. But on the other end, it will be frustrating because some people will never be fully satisfied. So in the end, I must choose to just be myself. Take it or leave it. πŸ˜›

4. What is your best or longest burp record? What are your other quirky talents besides burping?

I have not documented my burp records yet. Though I can’t possibly compare to Justin Timberlake’s burping records as seen on Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards (see how kid-centered even my TV viewing is?), I’m pretty sure I’m a good burper based on my kids’ reception. My other quirky talents, according to my avid fans (read: kids) are: doing Mr. Bean‘s voice… impromptu puppet shows with whatever I get my hands on (fork & spoon, ballpen and pencil, toothbrush and toothpaste)… putting a whole piece of Pringles potato chip into my mouth without letting the chip touch the sides of my lips (yeah! That is talent)… crossing my eyes… contorting my face with matching weird sounds that will surely evoke giggles from my fans (case in point – chimp impersonation)… Boy, don’t I just love making a fool of myself??? There are more, but I better stop in the name of self-respect.

5. Have you ever tried to wiggle out of a traffic violation ticket by using your (considerable) charm?

This I’ve attempted but never done successfully. Each time I am apprehended for a traffic violation, my nerves get the best of me. So instead of appearing calm and confident by the time the officer is by my window, I find myself handing over my license almost automatically!

Thanks, annamanila, for scouring my archives to come up with these questions. Sorry I took sooo long to answer. For those who want to be interviewed by moi (and are willing to wait a while for their Qs, hehe), here are the interview rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying Ò€œInterview me.Ò€

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.



I’ve been wondering: how the heck is meme pronounced? Is it “me-me”, or “meem”? I googled up my question exactly. And the answer is clear: like “dream” or “theme”. Hmm, good to know, eh? πŸ˜‰

18 thoughts on “iMoM Meets Annamanila

  1. Hi Sis. I’d like to be interviewed, please! (Or do I have to be a Blogging Mom?)

    Hi there! No, even bloggin’ dads can do the meme. πŸ˜€ Just be patient please, haha. In time you’ll get your Qs.

  2. Annamanila must be very satisfied with your answers! it was like doing an academic paper, don’t you think? anyway, you had candid answers. i like your answers for doors, which really before i also thought that doors are doors are doors–just doors.

    and thanks for your research on meme, interesting pronunciation. at first i thought it was like me (ako) me (ako) or sounds like “mimi” to say “ako ako” because it talks of oneself!

    Hi sexy mom! “It was like doing an academic paper” is true haha. IOn meme, i thought naman “meme” as in parang “hehe”

  3. Wala nga akong masabi sa mga sagot, Dine.

    Hi Chats. You took your time … but well, answers like those couldn’t be hurried. So well thought of and intricately detailed and beautifully written. Makes me feel almost guilty I put you to so much trouble.

    The door symbols are splendid … only an expert on doors (hard and soft) could have done as well. Glad to know the erstwhile technophobe is very considerate of his special research assistant’s techie needs. Nope, I don’t suppose he would blog anytime in foreseeable future.

    You’re crazy over your kids and do the craziest things to make them laugh.

    I am not sure why but I love best your No. 5. Shows the unassuming Chats.

    Hi anna! Feeling guilty ba? LOL, I enjoyed the exercise though. No. 5 was the easiest to answer haha

  4. I have just been interviewed too. It just amazed me how our interviewers took the time to comb through our archives. Annamanila’s questions are very insightful. It gave us, your readers, a window to look through……or should I have said door to peek through? πŸ˜€

    Hi JMom! Plus it gave me the chance to advertise our business LOL

  5. good answers, chats. i, however, was able to wiggle out of a traffic violation ticket twice. i will take my 5th on how i did it.

    I’m sure with your charm! Wala akong lakas ng loob eh haha

  6. hello chats. sorry for visiting just today. been busy with mommying chores lately. hay, hirap! i just got a chance to bloghop but haven’t updated mine. πŸ™‚ anyway…

    AnnaManila is really a very smart interviewer, the questions inspires you to squeeze in with good answers really.

    napaka-malalim naman ang answer sa no. 1 re: doors. i’m glad to know about the new LCD monitor, very sweet it was naman of hubby indeed.

    Hi feng! I myself have been going crazy with the back-to-school chores… I’m loving my LCD monitor haha

  7. Hi Chats. I agree with the rest, your answer to the ‘door’ question is superb. I admire your in-depth and very enlightening answer.

    Wow, a new LCD monitor. Yung sa akin, wala pa din. Parang kulang ang lambing ko sa hubby ko. I better think of more creative tactics πŸ™‚

    Rach, oo nga, dream come true ang LCD monitor haha. Yung in-depth and enlightened mode, paminsan minsan lang yan LOL

  8. I would love to hear your Mr. Bean’s voice. Parang ang sagwa eh no? Gandang babae tapos ganun boses hehehe kasama na facial expressions.

    Wow! I learned something today, akala ko “me-me” as in yung parang nagpapatulog ng bata hehe!


    Hi Mitch! I can only do Mr Bean’s voice. The facial expression is c/o my friend’s hubby LOL who really does look like Bean.

  9. you are so right about those doors, naku we just have to live with those decisions we’ve made .. grabe sweet naman ng hubby mo πŸ™‚ i love surprises the problem is my my husband hates them.. ay naku πŸ™ so he brings me to the shop and tells me, what do you want? we’ll buy it ..which ruins everything, if i want to buy something i would do it myself.

  10. oh and i forgot to tell you, this interview meme (now I know how to pronounce it) is really quite insightful so you can interview me πŸ™‚

    I emailed you my questions na. πŸ˜€

  11. re: CRT monitors
    I work in IT but I’m nearly an idiot when it comes to hardware. Years ago when LCDs where just being introduced to Pinas, I asked our IT Administrator how good it was compared to CRTs, he said they’re not even safe to use as they have the tendency to overheat! I didn’t say anything but up to now, whenever I remember that, I’d like to meet him again & whack him on the head.

    Aba nice little trivia at the end… I always say me-me (as in “tulog na baby”, meme na) hehe

  12. hi chats,

    ang sweet naman your hubby…

    re: traffic violations, next time, smile ka then tell him you didnt see the sign, that you would tell his boss he’s a big help to you…he he. used that line before.

  13. Nice..your insights on doors was truly inspiring. And I love the talents. Me, I’m really bad in the burping department. But when it comes to farting…ahh…may laban kami diyan πŸ™‚

  14. thanks for the interview questions πŸ™‚ yup i feel almost like a ms. universe πŸ™‚ you mentioned not being able to travel around the Philippines, check my new post and you can travel a bit πŸ™‚

  15. Wow, neat answers Chats.
    And how are you enjoying the new monitor?. Now, you can spend more time in front of the PC. lol.
    i love your answer about the doors.
    Do you make stained glass doors? what about windows?

    Hi Leah! I am extremely (hehe, OA) enjoying the new monitor. My eyes don’t have to squint anymore LOL. We don’t make stained glass doors or windows. Our doors are wood-looking steel and environment-friendly bamboo-fiber doors. πŸ™‚

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