iMom is on Ovi

Everyone’s going mobile now. It’s almost necessary for all websites to have mobile versions so that they remain navigable even on mobile gadgets.

So when I get an email from Nokia Ovi offering to make an application of my blog, I thought it was cool!

My blog is now on Ovi Store!


I really am not sure who would want to download my blog app, teehee. But here is the link to get it for free –

If you have a blog and would like a mobile version of it, it’s easy to create one for free on Nokia Ovi. Just go to the Ovi app wizard page, create an Ovi account if you don’t have one yet, and create your app in minutes.

Nokia’s Ovi is to Apple’s Appstore. There are thousands of apps – games, productivity, social networking, and even your favorite blogs. A lot are for free too. Check it out if you’re on Nokia. (Uhm, and while you’re at it, would you check out my app too? 😀 )

5 thoughts on “iMom is on Ovi

  1. Wow, congrats, Chats!!! Way to go! 🙂 If only my phone now supports this Ovi, I’d download this app. But perhaps, time to get a new phone? 😀

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