iMom: Philippine Blog Awards 2010 Best Home & Parenting Blog

My blog is this year’s Best Home & Parenting Blog! I know, right? I still can’t believe it too! I was not expecting to win anything last night at the Philippine Blog Awards.

philippine blog awards 2010 best home & parenting blog award imomonline

Photo From the Philippine Blog Awards Facebook Page

Anyhoo… So I was really stumped and kinda fumbled when I got up on the stage for the, uhhh, acceptance speech! (ZOMG, who would ever think I’d be doing crazy stuff like this one day??)

Philippine Blog Awards 2010 Best Home & parenting blog imom

Anyway, here’s what I failed to articulate last night (buti na lang, otherwise, baka may bumato sa akin sa haba!).

I want to thank the people who inspired me to blog. I remember it was my cousin, manang C in New Zealand, who began a family blog 4 or 5 years ago that got me curious with blogging. And so I started reading blogs. And then I found myself blogging… And then I found friends in blogging… And it snowballed from there.

Thanks to my ever-supportive family: the hub, for providing unlimited internet access so I can blog-plurk-FB-all-I-can, oh and teh lovin’ too; my wonderful/funny/crazy kids for inspiring my mommyhood stories.

Thanks to my parents and sisters, BILs, nephews and nieces for supporting and believing in me. Thank you for reading my blog – that’s a lot of blog hits per day already, haha!

Sometimes, the smallest encouraging remark makes all the difference. And this is something that my high school friend probably did not realize. I don’t know if you remember it, Shirley, but it was you who said in a YM chat or email thread years ago that I should keep writing and that you thought it was what I was really meant to be doing. I took that to heart. Thank you. 🙂

I also want to thank Noemi Dado for so generously hosting this blog for free – forever! 😀 I won this blog’s webhosting from a contest she held years ago. Thank you for that, for the friendship, and for being one of those bloggers who inspired me.

One of the best things blogging has brought me is friendship. I never imagined meaningful friendships could grow from virtual interaction. I want to thank my dearest  mommy blogger friends (who are TMT – too many to mention – but you know who you are!). I especially share the award with co-finalists Cookie and Julie. We are all winners, sisters!

Very special thanks go to Anna Manila,  my idol blogger/writer/editor/confidante/lifeline. 🙂

And the biggest THANK YOU goes to you – the readers of this blog. Thank you to the person who nominated iMom! 😀

Thank you, readers and friends of the blog, for the support, the comments that encourage, and even the silent visits. I keep on blogging because you keep on reading.

Oh, and thank you, Nokia for the shiny X3 Phone! Woot!

Philippine blog awards 2010 home & parenting winner

Photo from the Philippine Blog Awards Facebook  Page

20 thoughts on “iMom: Philippine Blog Awards 2010 Best Home & Parenting Blog

  1. You’re welcome! Talagang sinasama ko ang sarili ko sa listahan ng meaningful friendships 🙂
    Well-deserved win I say! Congrats to you, Cookie and Julie!

  2. Oh my gosh! I’m so happy for you Chats!!! Congratulations! Trust me, this will open a lot of doors for you. 😉 You deserve the win! Woohoo!

  3. I-mom’s win is the next best thing to a personal win.

    If she was in cloud 9, i was in cloud 8-1/2.

    When she hemmed and hawed about going to the awards night, I volunteered to pick her up (no matter it was somewhat out of the way) … I think I had the gut feel she’d make it (though i somehow hoped i’d make it with her. .. hehehe .. hope floats you know).

    She writes well and impeccably and funnily and her mommylove pervades her blogs. And I know that love is so generous it spills over to friends like me. How happy!!

    I-mom sure is a winner even before she was was handed the trophy.

  4. Thank you, all! Your love is overwhelming 🙂
    @Cessna – aha!!! So ikaw pala ha… Thank you for being a true friend, wahahaha!

    @Cookie – am rooting for you or one of the gehls next year!!!

    @Toni – It’s such an honor to be among you, oh great blogging gods and goddesses. And that is more than enough for me. But yes, the prospects of opportunities ahead excite me too. 🙂

    @Anna – your comment makes me smile each time I read it. Ang taba ko na nga, mataba pa lalo puso ko. Thank you. Love you!

  5. Wow! this is awesome, I’m also a mom but new at blogging. Hopefully, I could also get a chance to be part of the best Filipino mom bloggers circle one day.
    Congratulations on the success of your blog! Way to go!

  6. OMG! thanks chats, i remember that and you still have to write those kids books as well… so happy for you girl!… I promise to read all past, present and future articles from now on hehehe… love you

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