I’m Half-way There!

The latest stats show that I am half-way to my goal! And it feels so rewarding.

The road to my halfway was not easy. I worked hard on my appetite, keeping myself from eating too much rice during family meals or devouring the lot of my own Weekend Cook creations. On countless times, a chocolate bar or a bag of chips called out to me and it took all my determination to resist! On those times that I took the bait, I simply forgave myself and moved on. (People, the keywords are “move on”!)

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25 thoughts on “I’m Half-way There!

  1. wow,congratulations chats. kainngit naman, i’m also thinking of going to a gym soon, have already inquired for a special 6 week offer this summer (you usually make a one year contract here and pay the annual payment which is actually quite risky for me, not sure if I’m disciplined enough to not lose a huge sum of money!) i heard about that thing with the cycling, they call it spinning here. heard it’s really great but can be real tough. you must be real proud of yourself for your accomplishment. good luck and keep up the good work!

  2. Congrats!! You’re almost there!! Been wanting to enrol at FF forever. Dati gym rat ako pero nagkatamaran na. My hubby has been egging me to go again but I’m so tamad na..ewan ko ba. What FF branch do you go to?

  3. Hi Toni! Thanks. I’m on a 1-year contract with the gym too. It’s one of those risks I had to take, because it’s a lot of money to waste if I don’t use up my membership. Plus i will get a lot of sermon from my in-house parish priest (aka the techno-hub hehe). I hope you go take the leap! Try that summer offer then see how it goes for you. It’s good investment for the health too.. Yeah, it’s also called spinning here in other gyms.

  4. Oh my, you ditched 16 pounds. Oooh I can’t wait to see you. Svelte again … soon?!

    I empathized with you about that biking exercise … I never learned to balance myself on those darned two wheels too. I’d suppose what you ride is not a stationary bike. Tell me more about it .. maybe not now, but when we meet this week. 🙂

    Hi there! Svelte… Oooh, that sounds enticing… hahaha.. it’s been aaages since I was svelte (hahaha again). Hope to see you soon. There’s a lot going on these days huh? 🙂

  5. Hey, that’s where my husband goes. My sister too. We live like 5 minutes away lang kasi. Their opening also at Trinoma. Sige, psyche ko muna sarili ko 🙂

    Ang lapit mo lang pala. let me know when you’re ready! Hope to bump into you one of these days… But wait, from the looks of your photos in your blog, parang u don’t need naman to lose weight!

  6. congratulations… im sure it took a lot of discipline and self control to reach at least half way through your goal. good luck 🙂

    Thanks, mommy Chi. I will need a lot more of those on the last half. 🙂

  7. wow chats, congrats. para tuloy gusto ko na rin mag gym. my hubby told me i need one. nagpaparinig na. he he

    Hi Rowena! Salamat! Nung una, kumokontra hub ko sa pag gygym (seloso eh), but now he sees the results and he appreciates it na haha

  8. Ang galing-galing mo naman! Keep up the good work. I admire your perseverance! At ang galing mo na kayang-kaya mo ang spinning classes ha. Mahirap yun! Mabilis sumuko ang ibang tao. Halfway to go and andyan ka na sa ideal weight mo. Woohoo!

    Hi Toni T.! Thanks for visiting. Actually, yung first time ko mag spinning, I was sore for one whole weekend. But after the second session, it was great! Me likey ang pag iilusyon na magaling ako mag bike 😀

  9. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, Chats! I can imagine how hard it is to keep your FitMom commitment – with all the cooking going on in your house, LOL! But you’re doing real well, so kudos to you!

  10. chats, you were so determined to hit your goal, congratulations! clap! clap!. you are halfway there and there is no turning back…go! go! go! i am happy for you.

  11. Thank you very much for the supportive comments, dear blogging friends! I appreciate that you have taken time to stop by and cheer me on. Salamat po! 🙂

  12. sorry for ruining your diet plan. hehe but keep it up my dear!

    Hi Noemi! Thank you. Don’t worry, I’m doing extra time because of the series of food events LOL

  13. Chats:

    Congrats! Nice photo, u look like high school days again! Whenever ur hungry, please eat! (but eat limitless amount of fruits). Fruit snack attack is ok anytime! Go, go, go! I’m so proud of u!

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