Ignored to the 5th level

Scene: In the classroom, during lunch time. V has just finished eating her lunch and wants to go somewhere. She encounters a classmate’s bag blocking the way.

V: Excuse me.

Classmate: ….. (goes on eating lunch)

V: Excuse me.

Classmate: ….. (No reaction pa rin)

V: Excuuuuse me.

Classmate: ….. (deadma)

V: Excuuuuuuuuuse me!

Classmate: ….. (lamon pa rin. Walang naririnig.)

V: Excuuuuuuuuuuse meeeeeeee!

Classmate: ….. (super mega deadma talaga)

V: (in her thoughts) Ah ganun ha!

*whaapaak* *crash* *kablag*

Hindi. Hindi naman violent ang anak ko. No, she didn’t clobber the classmate in the head, although I would have done that if I were in the same situation and age.

V, exasperated at how her classmate continued to ignore her, gets fed up with being nice and decides to play the game. So she pushes classmate’s lunch box to get attention. The lunch box falls to the floor, and finally deadmatic classmate takes notice. The teacher also takes notice. And V is in trouble. Good thing, walang natapon na food.

End of story goes something like: teacher scolds V, V apologizes, everybody happy.

I don’t condone bad behavior. But kids, well, get bad trip just like we adults do. You try to ignore me to the 5th level, especially when I’m being nice, and you just be ready to get some biatching.

Bullies come in different shapes and sizes. There are the obvious violent ones, and there are the pa-simple, goody-two-shoes, teacher’s-pet ones.

Teachers, be fair. More importantly, be discerning.

Just sayin’.

9 thoughts on “Ignored to the 5th level

  1. haaaay (doh) oh so true… happened with wowa…i felt sad for him coz he carried the feeling of ‘injustice’ for days before sharing it to us.

  2. Aba, the teacher should have asked the “deadmatic” classmate to apologize, too. Di ba, to be fair lang? Tsk…tsk…

  3. i agree, the teacher should have also called the attention of the deadmatic classmate, after all, like the saying goes, it takes two to tango. it would also be ideal sana if teacher noticed before the situation escalated, no? And true: bullies dont always have to be physically violent. Ignoring, making ‘irap’ and the like also is bullying. Congrats to v, however, for being able to attempt self-regulation. others would have shoved or pushed classmates instead 🙂

  4. Oo nga teachers, be fair naman. Ask why V did what she did at least.
    ano sabi ni ma’am sa yo?

  5. Aaaah! No. No. No.

    Teachers should be really aware of her surroundings especially her students. This is a type of bullying at nakakainis. I still am a little nervous when Adley starts schooling next year. I hope he doesn’t bully or get bullied. This is such a serious issue among kids.

    I myself was bullied as a child, I got into a lot of trouble because I fight back and everyone was treating me before like I had some sort of strangeness in me. 🙁 Did you talk with this teacher na?

  6. Nakow! Usually the teachers would only take notice of the last act. My son was also a victim of that and I was called by the teachers. I told them my son is admittedly makulit but he’s not the type that would hurt anyone.

    Like you, I don’t condone bad behavior but I let my kids fight their own battles.

  7. Hi friends. Thanks for the reactions. I guess yes, ideally, the teacher should have heard both sides. But it really isn’t a big deal for me. Like what SassyMom said above, I let my kids fight their own battles.

    @Cessna and @Yvie – It was the teacher who brought it up to me during the PTC. Her version was not like this. She just told me that V shoved the lunchbox so it fell. I had to get V’s side. It turns out she was ignored. It just goes to show the teacher did not get both sides of the story. But oh well, who said life was fair? Okay lang, di naman nasugatan anak ko, haha.

    Besides, I still think my child is the better child because she counted to 5 before going offensive…. hahahaha. At least may level of maturity, being neither a bully nor a doormat.

  8. in fairness to V ha. I dont think I have that patience. baka ako sa 3rd try eh wala na.

    that teacher naman is not reasonable to get both sides of the story. i dont think V naman will do that if not provoked di ba? so the teacher should have investigated further before coming up with a decision. tsk. swerte ng teacher that you are nice Imom. baka ako nagalit na. syempre we dont condone nga bad behavior, but we want our kids to be heard first di ba.

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