If you must regift…

… read this article on Regifting 101 first. 


Breakfast this morning. Breakfast buddy and I have been meeting for breakfast since December rolled in. Actually, we’re gym buddies, but because we both “froze” our gym accounts this month (my silly excuse is “I’m gonna be soooo busy.” Yeah, right), we have nowhere to go to after bringing the kids to school… (sooooo busy daw???)


Back to breakfast this morning. Breakfast buddy and I were getting ready to order when she said – 

“Ah, alam mo, yung tops na bigay mo sa akin? Kaparehas ng birthday gift sa akin ni Tentay… as in exactly the same.”

iMom: “Aaahh… Talaga. Huh??? Ganun bigay ko sa kanya nung birthday nya ah…”

Buddy: “Aahhh…” (Now probably feeling bad she opened her mouth.) 


Tentay recycled my gift to her. Within the same circle of friends!!! Now, that‘s a brave move.


Again I say, if you must regift, you need to read Dayana Yochim’s article on the Do’s and Dont’s of Regifting. On the primary rule, she says:

Whether you do or you don’t (riiiight), there’s one single critical cardinal rule to follow before you release your stampede of white-elephant gifts back into the world: Don’t get caught.

The best way not to get caught is to regift outside the circle of the gift originator. (Yeah, dummeh!)


At least breakfast buddy likes the top that I kinda, indirectly, gave her. So now she ends up having three of those lovely, sexy tanktops. 😛

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On the other hand, I don’t mind receiving regifted video cards as long as they are perfectly working. 😛

14 thoughts on “If you must regift…

  1. I guess your friend forgot the gift came from you. I’m a sentimental person. I don’t recycle gifts, whatever they maybe. Haha. Wear and tear lang ang reason for disposing them.

  2. Hi Lynn! Hmmmm. I doubt that friend number 1 forgot because I just gave her the gift last week! LOLZ Magkasunod kasi sila ng birthday eh.

  3. Hi Tetcha! Thanks for dropping bye… Basta careful, careful na lang when regifting. The worst thing that could happen is if the gift finds its way back to you hahahaha

  4. Hi Wench! Ako naman, I give away to other people yung mga gifts na I don’t like or need. PERO hindi ko binibigay as gifts ulit, as in wrapped pa for a certain occasion. Pamigay nalang talaga. I think it’s a better way of regifting/recycling.

  5. kaya ako, iniiwasan ko talaga mag-regift lalo na’t mahina ang memory ko –nakakalimutan ko kung sino ang nagbigay ng regalo hehehe.

    basta, it’s all about manners eh.

  6. Baka naman, she loves that top so much, she decided to her her friend the same 😉 (asa pa raw di ba?!) long time no see, haven’t blog for the longest time!!! or read blogs at all. super busy dito, my whole computer routine changed!

  7. Oh my, what an embarrassing situation your friend got caught in.

    I just recycled a gift yesterday. My son received a stationery and pen set for girls. He got it at the exchange gift in class. I don’t understand why parents don’t pay attention to teacher’s notes. Sabi kasi bring unisex gift tapos ba naman Tinker Bell statio and pens natangap ni Yohan. Kawawa nga when I saw his disappointed face. Anyway, that gift came in handy. I wrapped it again and gave it to a friend’s daughter.

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