I went back to Baguio over the weekend to spend ti…

I went back to Baguio over the weekend to spend time with my sisters who were only able to get vacation leaves post-New Year’s. *breathless* and *gulps in more air*

There were lots of eating, bonfire-ing, playing Charades, photo ops, and more eating (and drinking!) and photo ops.

No trip to Baguio will be complete without a slice of the Baguio Country Club‘s luscious Baked Cheesecake. It used to be topped with just strawberries and those swirls of chocolate. Now they’ve added glazed fresh mangoes and grapes. I much prefer the simpler version. But, heck, it’s all the same yummy cheesecake for me! 😀 So there, I took my (big) share before shooting this photo.

With my sisters and niece at the riding trail on Camp John Hay. The kids went horseback riding ahead to the riding circle and we were supposed to follow them. But we got so engrossed with the surroundings and photo ops, the kids were soon back from riding!

With my nieces, nephew, sisters and brothers-in-law… And this is only a partial family pic. It’s missing more than half of the members. We are a BIG family, eh!

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  1. I belong to a big family too. It’s wonderful to belong to one because every get-together is guaranteed to be fun and exciting.

    Wow, that looks like a very delicious cheesecake. Fresh strawberries are the best.

  2. Hi Rach! During holidays in our house in Baguio, you wouldn’t be able to find your slippers because there’s a huge heap at the bottom of the stairs (slippers-not-allowed-upstairs rule). We’re that big! LOL

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