I mom, can blog

I’ve had other blogs but this one I intend to keep updated (cross my fingers, legs and eyes!*).
Since I’m just starting this blog, let me introduce moi
I am a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids. I left my demanding corporate job 2 years ago. The turning point was when my then 3-year old was not talking as expected at her age. Add to that the fact that I was overworked, spending too much time jammed in traffic while driving from home to my office about 80 kilometers away and then back again. Looking back, I could not imagine how I did that. No wonder I was always stressed.. and who bore the brunt? My poor family. I remember there were days when i would come home at night and the girls were already sleeping. Because I worked so far away, I had to leave when they were just waking up in the morning. At times, this happened on several consecutive days.
And so it was a choice of either keeping my job (and be a total stranger to my kids) or letting go (and be the mother I should have always been). I made the choice so here I am – an iMom blogging. 😀
*Borrowed from my sister, Ravioli

7 thoughts on “I mom, can blog

  1. welcome to blogger! sige nga keep your blog updated (hmmmm), love reading blogs from friends or sometimes from people I don’t know pero just reading their blogs eh makes me feel as if I know them, parang reality soap, kaka-addict… ay naku!
    well hope i can also update my blog as often as i intend to do

  2. I really enjoy blogging. I realized that most of my posts tend to be about my son.

    I also left the corporate world when I got pregnant. I had a delicate pregnancy which made it difficult for me to maintain my job. I’ve been a stay home mom ever since. But I miss working. I might try to go back to the corporate world some time next year if I find a suitable job.

    My son is a late talker. At age two, I got concerned that he wasn’t talking the way 2 year olds should. Now at three, his vocabulary has improved a lot.

    Just thought of sharing some things about me.


  3. Thank you for sharing those, Rach.
    *sigh* I also get pangs of missing work at times. But that will have to be on hold a bit longer because i’ve just had a new baby.
    My VGood’s vocabulary has improved a lot too. She began speaking fluently at age 4, quite late no? But now, her vocabulary skills exceed normal limits! Sobrang daldal! XD

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