I Can Haz Separation Anxiety??

Finally, after over 3 months of summer vacation and of almost non-stop rowdy play at home, my two girls went back to school yesterday. I should be feeling relieved, glad for peace and quiet once more.

But what was that tiny kurot, kirot I felt the night before they went back to school? I was actually dreading it??!!

Yeah. I guess we never outgrow them. And I find this cliche – they will always be our babies – truer than ever. The house feels empty without those two girls (and with Nate on *sleep mode*). For a few moments after dropping them off on the first day of school, I felt alone in the quiet car, I thought I’d get lost and need gps systems to guide me. (awwww-ayyyy, haha! 😛 )

Now I really wonder how I’d feel when one of them gets a boyfriend or worse, a husband!!! *shudders*

That’s too much forward-thinking, hehehe. Back to the present…

I am happy that we enjoy every moment of bonding with each other. And yeah, call me smug, but I’m glad I felt this separation anxiety. It somehow brings comfort that I can still get it.


In other news… I was happy to see the newly-renovated school of my daughters! There’s now a ramp, so the kids don’t have to break their backs lugging those heavy roller bags up the stairs. The floors, CRs and stairs have been re-tiled too. And, coolest of all, classrooms now have huge flat TVs. The older kids (grades 4 to 6) got huge plasmas LCD TVs!

For parents like me who pay good money for good education, seeing these improvements certainly make us feel better and more confident with our schools. Way to go, School!

Now if the school could work on reducing the number of students in a class, that would be awesome! (Hindi ko na pag-iisipang ilipat si V!)


More on the School… I noticed that there wan’t temperature-taking at the gate during first day of school yesterday. I’m sure the school has its reasons for not doing this – it probably doesn’t want to appear making a big fuss of A(H1N1) flu. It did send out a circular that included some health advisory. But feedback from my kids  –  there wasn’t soap in the newly-tiled comfort rooms!

Hey, School – proper handwashing is the first line of defense against a(H1N1) virus, or any other germ. We can’t do that without soap, can we? Duh.

12 thoughts on “I Can Haz Separation Anxiety??

  1. About the separation anxiety – a barkada from college is trying to overcome it. You see her eldest son is now at UP Diliman for college, and the family is in Genaral Santos. I tell she is feeling bad right now: missing his son, imagining his voice, worrying about him, etc… Hay! 🙂

  2. They use it for viewing video presentations. In the past years, they’d have to go to the AVR pa to watch. Ngayon mas convenient na. For the higher levels naman na may plasmas, pwede mag plug in ng PC and powerpoint pres lectures can be shown. O diva, high tech na mga bata ngayon!

  3. Hi Meikah! Wow, ibang level ng seapration anxiety siguro yan! Hindi pa kaya ng powers ko yan, hahaha.

    thanks for the visit 🙂

  4. Now you need to have happy distractions when you’re away from your kids. After a while, you’ll get over with the anxiety. I hope. Cheers, iMom!

  5. Sorry, LCD TVs pala, not, plasma TVs. The two are different, and the school bought LCD TVs. Will correct my post now.

  6. Separation anxiety 🙂 I cried when my pogiBoy started in reception. I’m excited for his first field trip without mum & dad.
    Gaahhh don’t even want to think about a girlfriend or mum not being too cool for him anymore.
    re: swine flu
    Dito nga sabi “catch it, bin it, kill it”. Give your kids those hand gels. The school should bring back those temp monitors.

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